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Here on Sugar, Spice and Glitter we love to share fun activities to do as a family – from Mom-Daughter date ideas, fun crafts to make with the kids, educational activities, sensory play ideas, party plans – and even some crafts just for mom.

Today’s collection of our Top Ten Most Popular Family Activities reflects that diversity and is a bit of a hodge podge collection.

You can see all of our craft ideas here, our learning activities here, our play-based ideas here and our party content here.

Despite my background in child psychology, I tend to not share a lot of parenting advice-type content because I think that every parent-child relationship is unique and blanket approaches are not always the best fit. I do share some strategies (like our Make Over Your Mornings post) and research-based content (like our 6 Tips to Raise Internally-Motivated Kids), but for the most part I stick to things ideas for how to spend time together as a family. You can see more parenting content here.

Fluffy Slime

Our original fluffy slime recipe was the first fluffy slime on the internet, and then our follow-up 3-ingredient fluffy slime (pictured above) was definitely the slime that took Pinterest by storm.

It led to our slime book deal with a publisher and has probably caused my name to be cursed in a lot of households. Tie back the kids’ hair, put them in messy clothes and get some vinegar – then make our ultimate fluffy slime recipe for yourself and enjoy all of the squishy, sensory fun!

See our full collection of slime recipes here.

Bath Time Play Dough

Bath time has always been a struggle in our house so I’ve relied on fun DIYs like our Jiggly Jelly Soaps and this Bath Time Play Dough to make bath time more fun!

While this recipe contains soap and can be used to clean hands, we just use it as a fun sensory play experience during bath time. With young kids, it’s a great way to keep them happy while you wash their hair, but even older kids get a kick out of it! (We also have a gluten-free version here.)

Mom & Daughter Date Ideas

Spending time connecting with our kids one-on-one is such a rewarding parenting experience. While most of our ideas can be applied to any parent-child relationship, I’m a girl mom so my ideas are written based on my experiences. Each of these posts also comes with a printable list of ideas that you can print off and check off with each date:

Mermaid Games

After our Mermaid Birthday Party on a Budget, we shared 15+ Mermaid Games and Activities to help plan your own mermaid party – but these games and activities are also great for a fun afternoon activity with your little mermaids!

A couple of our other popular games posts include our 20 Halloween Games and our 7 Indoor Bean Bag Games.

Moana Birthday Party

Sticking with the birthday party theme, I’m so happy that our Moana Birthday Party on a Budget is one of our most popular posts. A lot of times when I search for birthday party ideas on Pinterest, the party inspiration that I find clearly cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to pull off.

This party had a few optional splurges, but can be achieved for less than $200 – including food – and we had such a fun time planning and hosting it. 

You can see our other party planning content here (which also includes our themed family movie nights).

Magical Crystal Ball / DIY Snow Globes

Our Magical Crystal Ball craft is super quick and easy and makes a gorgeous addition your child’s room. You can customize the colors to suit their decor or personal preferences.

Our DIY Snow Globes are another fun option that can be personalized with different ornaments, glitter colors, etc. (We even did a Swirly Bat version for Halloween!)

Unicorn Stuffie Sewing Pattern

One of the first sewing activities we shared on the blog, this Unicorn Stuffie is super simple for kids to make without a machine and can be made as big or as little as they’d like.

We have several other sewing activities for kids – and even have an Easy Sewing Projects for Kids ebook coming out soon.

Poppy Crafts

I was raised in the military, so I love that our collection of Poppy Crafts for Remembrance Day always gets lots of love in the fall. (In British Commonwealth countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, etc, people wear red poppy flower pins during November to honor veterans.)

Lavender Honey Sugar Scrub

I love making our own homemade bath products like DIY bath bombs, lip balms, and sugar scrubs. By far our most popular one is this Honey Lavender Sugar Scrub that helps remove dead skin and soften hands. I keep a jar of it beside the kitchen sink for after I’ve finished washing dishes and also a jar in the shower for pre-shaving exfoliation.

You can see our full collection of Beauty DIYs here.

DIY Tiki Torches / Bird Feeder Wreath

I’m not a fan of the traditional tiki torch look, so I decided to make my own Mason Jar Tiki Torches to better suit my personal tastes. These torches also use essential oils to help deter bugs.

Our Bird Feeder Wreath is also another popular DIY but it is best done during cold weather as the gelatin will melt at higher temperatures.

You can see more of our home decor crafts here.


Pin this collection of our top family activities for your family night inspiration:

Top Ten Family Activities of the Year from Sugar, Spice and Glitter. From kid-friendly crafts to mom-daughter date ideas, to party planning and pampering DIYs, here are our reader's favorites from the past year.


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