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Quite honestly, most travel guides or articles are not written for families.

Details that can make or break our travel with kids are completely overlooked, and even most guidebooks written for “travelling with kids” expect parents to be seasoned travellers and for two parents to be completely hands-on during the entire experience – and that’s simply not always the case, whether you’re a single parent travelling with kids, travelling while your partner is at a conference, or simply having to divide and conquer.

My commitment to you is to share real travel with kids.

Sometimes it’s pretty and idyllic and plucked straight from a travel commercial. Sometimes it’s hard and demoralizing and you question your own sanity travelling in a foreign country with kids.

In the end though, I always believe it’s worth it. Even that one trip to England where I found myself constantly disciplining and felt like my child had morphed overnight into an entitled princess, there were beautiful moments. And in the hard moments, I learned a lot about myself and my need for new boundaries and self-care rituals as a parent – something that I could have ignored or not been pushed to address at home, but was made glaringly obvious while travelling.

We try to travel on a reasonable budget, splurging on experiences that are worthwhile and focusing on immersing ourselves in local culture and cuisine.

Ella is currently 7 1/2 and we have been to 15 countries among 3 continents as a family.

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