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We’ve been travelling the world as a family since Ella was 13 months old and have been fortunate enough to visit 15 countries as a family.

We love sharing our travel adventures here on Sugar, Spice and Glitter to inspire other parents to plan amazing vacations, while being honest about the things we did and didn’t like about any given destination, experience or hotel so you can make informed travel decisions.

Our priorities when travelling are to find family-friendly activities that are unique to the area, enjoy amazing food and experience as much of the authentic, local culture as we can. I don’t believe that family vacations have to be all about the kids and that you can strike a balance between keeping the kids happy on vacation while enjoying it yourself, too.

Below you will find the Top Ten Most Popular Travel Posts on Sugar, Spice and Glitter and you can see our full travel section hereIt is divided up by area, so you can click on any button and see all of the corresponding travel content for that destination.


We are a Disney family and have tons of Disney crafts, recipes, movie night plans and parties on the blog… so of course we’d have plenty of Disney travel content, too! Most of our content is about Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, but we also have Disney travel posts for our visits to Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.

Our top Disney travel posts are:

You can see our full Disney travel section here.

Universal Studios

Apparently our readers love theme parks as much as we do – as our Universal Studios content comes in second in our most popular travel posts. Our top two posts for Universal Studios are our 25 Things You Must Do at Diagon Alley and our Cabana Bay Resort Review.

You can see our full Universal Studios Orlando travel section here.


I grew up in Beijing so we were thrilled a couple of years ago to have the wonderful experience of working with Taiwan Tourism to share our 12 Must-Eat Foods in Taiwan. I’m hoping to share more Asian travel content after all of the current restrictions are lifted!


Chicago is one of our favorite places to visit as a family – we usually head there at least twice a year, so we have a lot of Chicago content! Our Top Chicago Restaurants for Foodie Families (Part I and Part II) and our What to Do at Navy Pier with Kids are our most popular Chicago travel posts.

You can see our full Chicago travel section here.


Our first international trip as a family was to Bermuda – and it was the perfect first family vacation. We were able to hit all of the must-see spots of the Island, hit up a festival and try lots of yummy foods in one week while going at a relaxed pace. You can check out our Best Things to Do in Bermuda for Families post here.


Montreal is an often overlooked family vacation destination, but it has it all! Amazing food, great activities for kids all year round and immersive cultural experiences. Our most popular Montreal travel post is our Top 10 Montreal Restaurants for Foodie Families.

You can see our full Montreal travel section here.


We were invited out to Arkansas a couple of years ago by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and were pleasantly surprised at how much the area had to offer for families. We spent most of our time in Bentonville but if you can swing a road trip during your visit, you won’t be sorry – use our What to do in Arkansas with Kids to help you plan.

You can see our full Arkansas travel section here.

Canada’s Wonderland

Considering Toronto is my home town, I really should have more Toronto content on the site! Our Foodie Family Guide to Canada’s Wonderland (located just outside of the city limits) is in our top ten, so I will definitely be increasing our Toronto offerings soon.

New Orleans

New Orleans might not be one of the first family destinations that comes to mind, but it has tons to offer families looking for a unique vacation. Check out our Best 50 Things to do with Kids in New Orleans to help get you started.

You can see our full New Orleans travel section here.

Kansas City

If your travel plans have you heading to Kansas or just passing through, be sure to check out our Top 10 Kansas City Attractions for Families before you go.

You can see our full Kansas City travel section here.


Pin this collection of our Top Travel Posts to help you plan your next family vacation:

The Top 10 Travel Posts of the Year from Sugar, Spice and Glitter. From theme parks to family road trips, taking us to the other side of the globe and back, these are our readers' favorite travel posts for the year.

You can see our full travel section here.

Be sure to check out our Top 10 Recipes of the Year and our Top 10 Family Activities of the Year.

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  1. Montreal is an often overlooked family vacation destination, but it has it all! Amazing food, great activities for kids all year round and immersive cultural experiences.

  2. The connections forged during travel are among its most treasured gifts. Meeting fellow travelers from all corners of the globe, sharing stories over a campfire, or striking up conversations with a local vendor at a bustling market creates bonds that transcend borders. These connections remind us of our shared humanity, reminding us that despite our differences, we are all interconnected.

  3. If I have a lot of luggage while traveling, I will definitely rent a car to make the trip easier. I already know which car is best for our family travels – a 7-seater, so we booked it in advance on for our trip to Edmonton

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