Gift Ideas for Young Readers

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After how popular our Harry Potter Gift Guide was, I thought I would do a follow-up gift guide with Gift Ideas for Young Readers. In this post you will find ideas to support your child’s love of reading, which is never a bad thing!

  Gift Ideas for Young Readers, from awesome book collections to reading accessories and comfortable additions to your child's reading nook 

Reading Gift Ideas

Is there any better interest to foster in children than reading?

Books are one thing that I don’t think I will ever begrudge buying my daughter. While we have started going back to the library recently, I love being able to treat her to a good book and not have to worry about bringing it back on time or waiting lists (thank goodness they no longer give kids fees at my library… because that would be a whole other thing to worry about, too).

But you’re not just limited to buying books for young readers. There are so many cute ideas that I found – from cute floating bookshelves, to themed bookmarks, to storytelling games, and ways to make your child’s reading nook more attractive and comfortable.

I really think having a comfy place for your child (and you) to curl up and read a good book is such a powerful thing and you will never regret dedicating a corner (or a room) of your home to making an enjoyable reading nook.

Pin this gift guide for the next time you are shopping for the young readers in your life!

Amazon Gift Ideas for Young Readers - creative gift ideas for the readers on your shopping list

Gift Ideas for Readers

(Prices are accurate as of posting – they may have increased or decreased since then. Please let me know if any items come up as no longer available and I can make an alternative suggestion.)

  1. Kindle Fire HD 8 Kid’s Tablet — $89.99
  2. Mark My Time Emoji Bookmark — $16.95
  3. Skip Hop Zoo Owl Neck Pillow — $12.99
  4. Driftsun Hammock Pod Swing — $49.99
  5. Bookplates for All Book Friends — $3.79
  6. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook — $11.89
  7. Bookworm Journal: A Reading Log for Kids — $10.81
  8. iClips Magnetic Page Markers — $3.29
  9. Harry Potter Paperback Box Set — $52.16
  10. Relaximals Animal Reading Pillow — $34.95

11. Seedling Design Your Own Tote Bag — $30.84

12. Knock Knock Personal Library Kit — $14.99

13. Maestro Classics CD Set — $92.72

14. Book Darts Line Markers — $12.93

15. Bookplate Personalized Stamp — $25.99

16. World of Books Puzzle — $23.99

17. Rory’s Story Cubes — $21.85

18. Anne of Green Gables Complete Set — $28.40

19. Story Slam Card Game — $16.99

20. Artori Superhero Floating Bookshelf — $22.99

Do you have an awesome gift idea that would be perfect for a young reader?

For more creative gift guides, check out our 50+ Harry Potter Gift Ideas or our Gift Guide for Teenage Girls.


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