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On Sugar, Spice & Glitter you can expect to find magical solutions and ideas to help you achieve rockstar mom status, whether you are looking for delicious recipes, fun kids’ activities, or family travel advice!

(I also share the occasional parenting article based on my psychology background.)

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My goal is to provide a safe space for busy moms to come find great resources and reliable ideas to help you & your family thrive! I want you to leave my site feeling empowered to love and show up for your family in the ways that matter to you.

I’m a work-at-home mom to a creative 7 year old girl, and I think that with a bit of willpower and knowledge, we can all create lives we love. I have been able to figure out how to stay home full-time, travel often, and (most importantly) eat well, despite what some would consider limitations.

So whether you’re a working mom with limited free time, a single mom trying to do everything, or a stay at home mom trying to keep the kids busy while stretching a single income, or a mom with more kids than hands, I believe you can create a life you love by focusing on what’s important and being creative.

I run a part-time Montessori preschool program out of my home 3 days a week, and the rest of the week I do freelance recipe development and food photography.

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Easy Family Recipes

By far, one of the most popular topics on Sugar, Spice and Glitter is food! While I aim to share mostly easy, healthy recipes, we don’t follow any strict dietary systems and do like to occasionally indulge! (Read more about our healthy eating philosophy here.)

We also share a good amount of Kids’ Kitchen recipes which are specially developed to be easy for kids to help make and consistently turn out great despite the occasional spill (and I have a second site with my friend Stacey dedicated to all things “In the Kids’ Kitchen.”)

Check out all of our recipes here.

Here are some of our most popular recipes:

10-minute S'mores Refrigerator Cake  

Kids’ Crafts and Activities

Play is both “the work of the child,” (Montessori) and “the highest form of research” (Einstein) but play can be a tricky thing to add to your day when you’re not sure where to start.

We share lots of different forms of play ideas every week so that you can find ideas that best suit you and your children. Everything from sensory play (homemade play dough, sensory bins, slime and more) to homemade toys, to kids’ yoga and active games!

We also do a lot of arts and crafts. I prioritize sharing kids’ craft ideas that kids can actually do independently rather than picture-perfect Pinterest crafts, and I sometimes share crafts that I make – usually seasonal decor or homemade toys for the kids.

Check out all of our craft ideas here.

Check out all of our play ideas here.

Here’s a sample of our most popular kids’ crafts and activity ideas:

Diaper slime   Easy Bird Feeder Wreath  

Family Travel

I’m a “military brat” so I’ve been travelling since I was 6 weeks old, and I guess you could say I’m hooked! Ella and I have been travelling the world for the past 7 years and as of this year she’s travelled to 15 countries.

I believe family travel should be enjoyable for the whole family – not just cater to the kids! We seek out fun and unique experiences in every city we visit and also search for the best foodie family restaurants to share.

Check out my family travel section here.

   Top Ten Montreal Restaurants for Families 

Montessori at Home

I’m a trained psychologist and Montessori teacher, and I currently operate a Montessori daycare 3 days a week out of our home. Montessori & Reggio influence are at the core of many of our activities, but I’m more concerned with feasible & fun than perfect.

So, maybe we’ll use dinosaurs to practice brushing our teeth (or make fake plaster teeth using play dough for plaque and shaving foam for toothpaste), or we’ll DIY our own continent boxes – we also are building up a catalogue of free Montessori lessons for those interested in the Montessori Method.

We also have a great #30DaystoMontessori challenge if you are new to Montessori at Home.

Here are some of our most popular learning posts:

Montessori Continent Boxes Fizzy Frozen Baking Soda Hearts    


I write about positive parenting from the perspective of a psychologist and parent. I aim to provide impartial, psychologically-sound information while also sharing about my own experiences and struggles.

Most of our parenting articles aim to inspire you to celebrate parenthood and have fun with your kids!

Here are my most popular posts in this category:

40 Mom-daughter Dates for Every Budget   4 Tried and True Emotional Coping Techniques for Toddlers  6 Tips for Raising Internally Motivated Children Montessori Approaches to Sleep