25+ Homemade Art Supplies


Following up on our recent 10 Art Essentials for Little Artists, I wanted to share some homemade art supplies!

25+ Homemade Art Supplies - easy homemade paint recipes, homemade play doughs, and more!

I’m sharing everything from how to make homemade paints to homemade clays and glues!

I’ve checked out each of these recipes and all of them can be made with ingredients you probably already have in your home, and all ingredients are kid-safe (many are also taste-safe)!

Easy Homemade Paint Recipes

Jell-o Pudding Paint from Craftulate

DIY Puffy Paint

Kool-Aid sidewalk paint from Fun at Home with Kids

Bathtub paints from the Artful Parent

DIY Liquid Watercolour Paint from Stir the Wonder

DIY Finger Paints from Red Ted Art, or these taste-safe finger paints from Fireflies and Mudpies

Crystalizing Watercolours from Planet Smarty Pants

Glitter Paint from Simple Fun for Kids

Edible Milk Paint from Messy Little Monster

Homemade Chalk Paint from Messy Little Monster

Bubble Painting recipe (part of my 7 Ways to Play with Straws)

Homemade Art & Crafts Supplies - glitter glue, chalk rocks, body paint, and more!

Homemade Crayons & Art Supplies

DIY Block Crayons

Chalk rocks from Babble Dabble Do

DIY Coloured Sand from Busy Kids Happy Mom

Homemade Body Paint from Pink Stripey Socks

Homemade Glue from I Can Teach My Child

Invisible Ink from Tinkerlab

Homemade play dough and clay recipes - everything from easy bread clay to glow in the dark doughs.

Homemade Play Doughs

We have a full collection of homemade play dough and play recipes, but here are a highlight of different play doughs from our site and around the web:

Best Ever No-Cook Play Dough

Homemade Salt Dough

Homemade Clay from Happy Hooligans

Homemade Modelling Clay from Creative Play House

Glowing Bread Clay from Housing a Forest

Easy 5-minute microwave playdough from Fun at Home with Kids

25+ Homemade Art Supplies to help you save money while providing your little artists with wonderful art supplies & creative experiences

Homemade Art Materials

Nature’s Paintbrushes from Messy Little Monster

DIY Coloured Glue from Picklebums

DIY Stampers from Mama Miss

Face Stamps from Mer Mag

Sculpey Nature Stamps (for play dough) from Artful Parent


Which homemade art materials do you not see here, but would like to see us try to make?

(After seeing the price of acrylic gels, we have some plans for gorgeous homemade textured paints in the next couple of weeks!)

Find the rest of our art and craft ideas here.

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  1. I am a former preschool educator, nanny, and owner/operator of a state licensed home day care center. Your ideas are fantastic. Now I’m on disability, and a full-time non-professional mixed media artist and art journalist. Your rainbow slime is off the chain! I would definitely try that one out in class. My old standby slime recipe was equal parts liquid starch and Elmer’s glue. I would dye it many colors, but my personal favorite was chartreuse, since it looked so “spooky” and grotesque! Lol

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