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Last year, Ella and I explored 8 fun activities to celebrate Hanukkah, including making our own felt menorah. This year, I’m bringing you 12 kid-friendly DIY Menorahs ideas.

(If you’d prefer, we alternatively have our list of 24 DIY Advent Calendars.)


This popsicle-stick menorah is a great option for mixed age groups.

For the dinosaur lover, a Menorah-saurus — above is another version from Momfluential.

This upcycled menorah from Moms and Crafters repurposes baby food jars to make a functional menorah.

tinkerlab Tinkerlab did a process-based clay menorah with her kids to celebrate Hanukkah in their home.

paperplateIf you have some egg carton lying around, this menorah from Kids Activities Blog is a great kids’ craft. Or, if you have paper plates, try this one from Pleasantest Thing.

mvtimesWe will definitely be making these pasta menorahs — what a cute idea!

momfluential2Momfluential also has this awesome glowstick menorah, which is a great way to clear out that Hallowe’en stash some of us still have lurking in our freezers…


If my felt menorah set just doesn’t pack the wow-factor enough for you, check out Repeat Crafter Me’s wall-sized version.

msLoving this wooden-block menorah from Martha Stewart, though you might opt for a more kid-friendly palate than her stylists do.

delicateAn elegant, but still kid-friendly (to look at anyway), take can be seen in Delicate Construction’s modern Hanukkah menorah.


Are you celebrating or teaching your child about Hanukkah this year? What will you be doing?

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  1. Thanks for featuring my upcycled Menorah! This is my baby’s second Hanukkah, though his first that he’ll really understand anything. We’re celebrating it with all the traditions and hope to visit with extended family as well 🙂

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