Snowman Mason Jar

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Crafting is one of my favorite activities to do over the holiday season.

Kids are going to love helping with this fun snowman mason jar craft. Although it is a little time consuming, the end result you will have in your home for years to come.

Snowman Mason Jar Craft - a simple kids craft idea that would make a gorgeous homemade gift or Christmas decoration

Homemade crafts are so satisfying to make. I saw this same snowman mason jar craft while walking in a very popular decor store and couldn’t believe the price they were asking! After putting this together, I’m very happy I didn’t spend the extra dollars just for a store made item.

Kids helping with this craft will have a lot of work on their fine motor skills. Wrapping the yarn can be time consuming, but the tedious work will give you time to chat about the upcoming holiday events and get some insights into your child’s perspective that can be easy to miss with the holiday hustle and bustle.

The snowman mason jar is beautiful with a candle inside or you may want to use it at your next holiday party as a utensils holder. I have these wonderful colored straws I’m going to use at our next gathering. After the holiday get togethers are finished, put this fun craft on your desk for as a fun winter decor item.

Kids Craft Idea: Snowman Mason Jar Gift

Materials to Make Craft

You can use this snowman mason jar craft as a candle holder or to hold utensils or straws at your next Christmas party

How to Make Snowman Mason Jar Craft

Start by making sure there are no stickers on your jar and the outside is clean. If you chose to reuse a jar, you don’t want to have any bumps in your yarn because of something stuck to the jar.

Start at the top of the jar with a small drop of hot glue. Wrap the end of the yarn at the top ensuring the end in on the drop of glue. Wrap a couple extra times around the same stop and let the glue cool.

Then it’s time for wrapping! Start from the top down and be sure your yarn is stacked as you wrap. This is where you will spend the most of your time and so chat over your holiday plans with your kids as your snowman starts to take shape.

Once you make it to the bottom, clip the yarn and VERY carefully tuck it under the yarn stack near the back of your snowman. Add another drop of hot glue to be sure it doesn’t come unraveled. You can use a craft stick to flatten out the glue and spread it over the end piece.

Next, cut a cute little scarf for your snowman mason jar out of the blue felt. Use the hot glue gun to attach the scarf at the top of the jar.

Last, add 3 buttons to the front of your snowman!

Snowman Mason Jar Craft - a simple kids craft idea that would make a gorgeous homemade gift or Christmas decoration

This snowman mason jar craft is so easy to make and much more fulfilling than just buying it from the local store!

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