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There is something just so special about making and giving homemade toys to kids. It teaches them that they are capable of creating beautiful things and instills an appreciation of handiwork and creative thinking.

If you’re a beginning crocheter, any of these 15+ Super Sweet Crochet Finger Puppet Patterns would make great projects!
15 Easy to Make Crochet Finger Puppets - the perfect easy homemade toy, use them for finger plays or story baskets

Finger puppets are one of the least expensive yet most popular toys in my preschool program. We have a mix of Folkmanis Finger Puppets which are stunningly realistic, and sweet crochet finger puppets like these.

Finger plays are a favourite way for us to use our finger puppets – for example, songs like “Five Little Ducks” where kids use their fingers to represent the ducks in the song – counting and bouncing them “over the hill and far away.” They are also great for enhancing storytime or traditional children’s songs – those barnyard crochet puppets would be perfect for “Old MacDonald!”

Finger puppets are also great for counting or imaginative play and they also fit well over little wooden peg people, so they can transition from finger puppets to play figures. (Which is awesome for the superhero puppets.)

Below, you will find an assortment of patterns for crochet finger puppets (both free and paid) and a few special finger puppets that can be purchased pre-made.

Crochet Finger Puppets Pictured Above

(clockwise from Top Left)

Free Fox Crochet Pattern | Hub Pages

Googly Eye Crochet Pattern | Etsy

Superhero Finger Puppet Patterns | Krawka

Magical Toadstool Finger Puppets | Moogly Blog

2 Little Dickie Birds | Miss Neriss

5 Little Ducks Finger Puppets | Repeat Crafter Me

Farmyard Free Patterns | Crochet n Play

Crochet Finger Puppets For Finger Plays

(clockwise from top right)

Minion-inspired Finger Puppet Pattern | Ravelry

Alice in Wonderland Finger Puppets | Etsy

Star Wars Crochet Finger Puppet Patterns | Etsy

Fun Finger Puppet Patterns By the Dozen | Etsy

Fairy Tale Finger Puppet Patterns | Interweave (not pictured)

Bear, Bunny, Kitty & Mouse Finger Puppet Patterns | Yarnspirations (not pictured)

Lion Finger Puppet Pattern | Moogly Blog (not pictured)

Farmyard Finger Puppets | Crochet Pattern Central (not pictured)

Gruffalo Finger Puppet | Etsy (not pictured)

How would you use these cute finger puppets? What are your favourite homemade toys for kids?

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