Kids Kitchen: Frozen Chex Mix

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We’re interrupting our usual schedule of kids’ activities, parenting inspiration, and family-friendly food to bring you 31 days of Kids Kitchen Recipes and Activities.

Today, Laura from Sunny Day Family is sharing her Gruffalo Birthday Party Menu, so I thought I would share with you a recent party favourite that Ella prepared — Frozen-inspired Chex Mix!

Frozen party food: Frozen Chex Mix! An easy recipe for a last-minute Frozen party!

Have you ever had a Chex party mix before? Oh, it is that perfect combination of crunchy and sweet in a bite-sized party food. We made ours “Frozen-inspired” by using white candy melts, blue sugar crystals, and snowflake sprinkles!

chex mix process

First, have your child help measure out the Chex cereal. We used 6 cups for a party of 3 kids and 5 adults and there was plenty left over to be taken home in treat bags.

Next, you can either use a vanilla-flavoured candy melt or use a pure vanilla extract (with no water) and mix into plain white candy melts. Most vanilla extracts do contain water, so if you’re not sure if yours does or not, don’t add it as water will cause the candy melts to clump together.

chex mix process2

Melt 1 to 1.5 cups candy melts and add in increments to the Chex cereal, stirring well with each addition to prevent the candy coating from becoming too concentrated in one area.

You can now top with some icing sugar “snow” if you so desire before adding in your sprinkles.

chex mix (1)

Do you throw themed parties? I’d love to hear why or why not!

Today, Laura from Sunny Day Family is sharing her Gruffalo Birthday Party Menu.

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