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There are so many ways to parent, and there are many ways to be a good parent. My goal is to provide a non-judgmental space for parents to learn about gentle and positive parenting to help them achieve their own parenting goals.

My parenting posts are supported by my background in psychology and my dedication to keeping up-to-date with current research in child development.

I also like to share posts that give an insight into how children’s brains work, both as it relates to learning and emotional intelligence, so parents are more empowered in their understanding of their children.

Emotional Intelligence posts on SAHM


(I actually have so many posts about fostering and developing emotional intelligence that they now have their own page, which you can check out by clicking on this button.)


You can check out my Top Ten Parenting Posts from 2014 here, and so far in 2015, our Paper Chain of Kindness and Montessori Approaches to Sleep are resonating with readers.

I also love sharing how fun parenting can be — so make sure to check our Kids’ Kitchen and Read & Play sections for some ideas on activities to do with the kids.

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