I’m so excited to be partnering with some fabulous kids’ activities bloggers to bring you 31 Days of Kids’ Kitchen Activities!


31 days of kids kitchen activities - everything from kid-made recipes, kitchen science experiments, and kid-friendly kitchen set-ups. We're covering it all during our 31 Days of Kids' Kitchen Activities!


Here you can find 62 amazing Kids’ Kitchen posts – 31 from me and 31 from my fellow kids’ activity bloggers!

We’ve shared everything from how to set up your kitchen to be child-friendly, to kid-made recipes, to science experiments you can conduct in the kitchen.

Getting kids in the kitchen is a great way to build confidence, develop fine motor skills, and have fun as a family, while creating positive food values.


31 Days of Kids’ Kitchen Activities Posts:

Cooking with Kids: Pizza Night from the Jenny Evolution  Kids Kitchen: Homemade Pizza  Cute Kids Lunch from BentoLunch  Kid-Made Nutella Strawberry Snack  berry-and-banana-ice-cream  kids kitchen- apple blackberry crumble  iranian  kids kitchen- (7)  egg-salad-sandwich  healthy (3)  KidFriendlyKitchen2  kids kitchen cupboard  madeira  zebra cake (1)  cherry  Kids Kitchen: Sugar-free Ice Pops  Flower-Shaped Jam Tarts from the Gingerbread House  Kids Kitchen: Mango Cake  Super-Moist Chocolate Brownies from Kidz Activities  Kids Kitchen: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies  Peach Cobbler Cookies from Play Ground Park Bench  Kids Kitchen: Plum Crisp  Gruffalo Party Food from Sunny Day Family  Frozen Party Chex Mix  BBQ Skewers from Rainy Day Mum  Kids Kitchen Skills: Teach Your Children to Cook Rice  Teddy Bear Picnic Ideas from Peakle Pie  Kids Kitchen: No-Churn Cookie Monster Ice Cream  Easy meals Kids Can Make from Chicken Babies  15 Free Kids' Kitchen Printables  5 Tips for Meal Planning with Kids from Life Over C's    STEM: Chicken Science from Thriving STEM  Kitchen Science: Water Xylophone  Pork Vindaloo from Snotty Noses  prosciutto &parmesan  minion  Kid-Made Fruit Skewers - Healthy Minion Snack  dairy-free-scones-600  Easy Berry Scones  Summer-Ice-Creams-683x1024  No-Churn Root Beer Float Ice Cream  Espresso-Shot  Kids Kitchen: Chocolate Pancakes  Kids in the Kitchen: Helping with Parties from Words n Needles  Kid-made Sandcastle Cake  Best Southwestern Bean Dip from Natural Beach Living  Kids' Kitchen: Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies  Homemade Donuts with Root Beer Glaze from Dad's Life Over C's  Kids Kitchen: Yeast Science Experiment  Toddler Sous Chef from Something2Offer  Kids Kitchen: Sugar-Free Blueberry Pie  Cutting a Banana Practical Life Activity at Living Montessori Now  Montessori Practical Life Lesson: Teach Kids to Cut their Own Apples  Juicing Oranges  Kids Kitchen: Sugar-free Animal Cookies  Easy Apple Pie with Kids from Child Led Life  Cinnamon Bun Crackers  Making Play Dough from Kelly's Classroom  Free Healthy Eating Printable Board Game  Turkey Vegetable Lasagna from Rhythms of Play  Easy Poutine Recipe

In Order as Appearing Above:

Homemade Pizza from the Jenny Evolution

Homemade Pizza

Cute Kids’ Lunch from What’s For Lunch at Our House?

Strawberry Nutella Snack

3-ingredient, No Churn Banana Berry Ice Cream from Just Another Mom

Healthy Apple Blackberry Crumble

A Simple Iranian Dessert from the Creative Life of Varya

Homemade Cheese Crackers

Making an Egg Salad with Kids (Video) from Planting Peas

Healthy Egg Salad Recipe

Kid-Friendly Kitchen from Cutting Tiny Bites

Kids’ Kitchen Cupboard & 40 Must Have Tools (with free printable)

Madeira Cake from Mum in the Mad House

How to Make a Zebra Cake

Summer Cherry Yogurt Popsicles from Kitchen Counter Chronicles

3 Quick & Sugar-free Ice Pops Recipes (with free printable)

Easy Flower-Shaped Jam Tarts from the Gingerbread House

Mango Cake with Homemade Vanilla Whipped Cream

Super Moist Chocolate Brownies from Kidz Activities

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Peach Cobbler Cookies from Playground Parkbench

Plum Crisp

Food for a Gruffalo Party from Sunny Day Family

Frozen Chex Mix

BBQ Skewers from Rainy Day Mum

Making Rice with Kids

3 Simple Picnic Sandwich Ideas for a Teddy Bear Picnic from Peakle Pie

No-Churn Cookie Monster Ice Cream

Easy Meals Kids Can Make from Chicken Babies

15 Kids Kitchen Printables

5 Tips for Menu Planning with Kids from Life Over C’s

Kale Chips

Kids Kitchen Chicken Science from Thriving STEM

Water Xylophone

Pork Vindaloo from Snotty Noses

10-minute Prosciutto and Parmesan Chicken

Minion Sugar Cookies from Learning 2 Walk

Kids Kitchen: Minion Fruit Skewers

Dairy-Free Scones from Crafty Kids at Home

Easy Berry Scones

Summer Ice Cream from Witty Hoots

No-Churn Root Beer Float Ice Cream

Healthy Colored Pancakes from Putting Socks on Chickens

Double Chocolate Pancakes

Helping with Parties on Words n Needles

Kid-made Sandcastle Cake

Southwestern Bean Dip from Natural Beach Living

Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade Donuts with Root Beer Glaze from Dad’s Life Over C’s

Kids Kitchen Science: Yeast Experiment

Toddler Sous Chef: How Toddlers Can Help In the Kitchen from Something to Offer

No-Sugar Blueberry Pie

Cutting a Banana: Practical Life for Toddlers from Living Montessori Now

Practical Life Lesson: Cutting an Apple

Juicing an Orange: From Start to Finish from Planting Peas

No-Sugar Animal Cookies

Easy Apple Pie with Kids from Child Led Life

Cinnamon Bun Crackers

Making Play dough from Kelly’s Classroom

Healthy Eating Printable Board Game

Veggie Lasagna from Rhythms of Play

Easy Poutine Recipe


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31 days of kids kitchen activities - everything from kid-made recipes, kitchen science experiments, and kid-friendly kitchen set-ups. We're covering it all during our 31 Days of Kids' Kitchen Activities!