Domino Math for Kids with Free Printable

Dominos are just classic! This week we are adding another great math lesson to our Montessori Materials list with domino math. I’m also including a great extension for your younger kids skill working on number recognition!

Simple addition and number recognition work for kids with classic games. Classic toys make the best math manipulatives with vintage colors and timeless colors. Use the Domino Addition free printable for an easy math lesson for your kindergartener!

I’m pleased to introduce Marie from Child Led Learning for a fun guest post on how to use dominoes to teach math!

Domino Math

Classic and homemade toys are some of my favorite toys! I love the vintage feel and how well things were made. I can’t imagine many of the toys my daughter has will last for 30-40 years like some of the toys I once played with. Dominos are a classic game I can remember playing when I was young with my grandmother. I dusted off the old set and added a couple simple lessons to keep your kids busy!

The black and white of these dominos helps keep distractions to a minimum and kids are able to focus on the addition or number recognition task they have been given. Don’t miss out on the FREE Domino Addition printable at the bottom of this post!

Easy materials for this domino math activity for kids!

Materials for Domino Math

Kindergarten Domino Addition Math

Make practicing addition fun with dominos! The setup is easy and if you plan to reuse the same printable you can laminate and use dry erase markers.

Use dominos for simple addition equations to boost children's math skills and for handwriting practice.

Set out several dominos on a table and allow the child to choose which domino to add. The child writes the left number in the left box of the addition equation of the Domino Addition worksheet. He then writes the right number in the right box of the addition equation. He can use the dots on the domino to help solve the equation. Simple as that!

Preschool Domino Number Recognition

The same set of dominos can be used for your younger child as they work on number recognition.

Number recognition with a classic domino game! Help preschoolers learn their number and coorelate their counting with the number they see.


Find domino pieces that represent numbers 1 through 5. Set out your sandpaper numbers, or any other number set would work, and ask your child to count the number on the domino then match it to the corresponding number.

Download the Domino Addition Printable Here

Make addition easy with a classic domino game! Domino math is great for preschoolers and kindergarteners working on early math skills.

For more fun math ideas, check out our 25 Math Games for Kids or Watermelon Play Dough for Counting.

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