Montessori Materials are those which were designed by Maria Montessori to be used within the Montessori Method of education; they have very specific designs and purposes and often need to be purchased through a specialty retailer.

You can definitely gleam the benefits of Montessori-style education without purchasing the entire collection of Montessori Materials as long as you have a solid understanding of what the original materials convey, how those materials are used, and how to balance and compliment materials with a well-rounded approach.

Here, you can find:

  • Montessori Material DIYs or substitutes in case you’re trying to do Montessori on a Budget
  • Simple explanations of Montessori Materials and their importance to the overall Montessori Method
  • To-the-point lessons and presentations that don’t get caught up in the overwhelming details. Start with this post on the basics of giving a Montessori lesson, and then this post on alternatives to good job.
  • Reviews of all of the Montessori Materials that we own

As we are just beginning the Casa curriculum now, this section is a work-in-progress and will be updated as we explore each material.

Also, make sure to check out my posts on how to set-up your Montessori Materials:

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Practical Life Lessons and Presentations can be found here.



DIY Montessori Materials

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Montessori Materials Explanations

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Montessori Lessons & Presentations

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Montessori Materials Reviews

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