8 Montessori-inspired Valentine’s Day Art Activities


I’m excited to have my contributor, Yuliya from Welcome to Mommyhood, back to share another Montessori-inspired post, this time sharing the Valentine’s Day art activities she set up for her preschooler!

8 Montessori Art Activities for Valentine's Day or a red theme - simple art invitations kids will love and are easy to set up! Montessori Valentine's Crafts for toddlers to kindergartners

For today’s post, I am so excited to be sharing 8 ideas for simple art activities you can set up for your kids right now! Well, after you read this that is. These ideas also can all be used for Valentine’s Day or just a red colored theme.

Personally, a lot of the times that I create art themed activities for my son (3 years old), I like to keep them open ended. I call these types of activities ‘invitations to do art’ rather than trying to have my child create a specific project.

Materials for Montessori Valentine's Crafts

For a Valentine’s Day theme, I created a very simple invitation to create Valentine’s Day Cards using several arts and crafts supplies that we already had on hand.

Valentine’s Craft Materials We Used:

  • Red paint
  • Pink and red confetti
  • Doilies
  • Construction paper hearts of different sizes
  • Stencils
  • Heart and flower glitter stickers
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Paint brush (not pictured, but available)

Montessori Valentine’s Art Idea #1: Free Range Art/Open Invitation

The idea was simply to provide various tools for my child to create something. He is free to use any of the supplies I present, but I don’t ask him to use all of them or anything in particular. It’s all up to him!

Paint a Valentine's Day Card - Simple Valentine's Art Activity

Montessori Valentine’s Art Idea #2: Blank Cards

Along the same lines, one of my favorite ways to present art activities for him is to go as simple as possible. Paint brushes and blank cards are a perfect way to do that!

My three year old simply loves to paint! Just make sure the clothes they wear can get dirty or get them a proper apron – mess is inevitable!

Doily painting for a simple Valentine's Day Art Activity

Montessori Valentine Art Idea #3: Doily Designs

Painting is so much fun and can be used in a variety of ways. In this tray, I presented a doily, paint brush, paint, and a blank card. The idea here is that a child can use the doily to create designs on the card.

It’s very simple with a clear focus, but also leaves a lot of opportunity for expression and your kids do get creative. You could also let them add some glitter to their art!

Painting with flowers is a great kids' art activity for Valentine's Day

Montessori Valentine’s Art Idea #4: Flower Painting

Paint however doesn’t always mean you have to use a paint brush! I love exploring different types of ‘brushes’. In the past, we have even used leaves! In this tray, we used fake flowers! (Or you can use flowers that are starting to wilt.)

Make a Heart: Valentine's Day Art made with the Montessori Insets

Montessori Valentine’s Art Idea #5: Stencil Hearts

I was also inspired by the use of metal insets in Montessori. I made simple stencils using construction paper. I presented the stencil, a blank pink card, and one colored pencil. You can add another element to this work by providing a pencil sharpener and a small bowl for the rubbish from the pencil.

valentines craft materials (4)

Montessori Valentine’s Art Idea #6: Sticker Art

There’s just something about stickers. My kiddo loves them, and so do I! Stickers are a fabulous way to work on fine motor skills (peeling the stickers away from the paper they are on), as well as hand eye coordination!

valentines craft materials (5)

Montessori Valentine’s Art Idea #7: Confetti

Another idea is to take a very specific focus. My 3 year old loves working with glue. He has such a fascination with it.

To let him practice his gluing skills, I collected some red and pink confetti, a glue stick, a homemade heart stencil and a pink construction paper card.

valentines craft materials (6)

Montessori Valentine’s Art Idea #8: Sticky Heart Art

Another idea is to glue hearts onto a card. I cut out a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors for my son to practice gluing. You can also use this as an opportunity to quickly demonstrate a math concept – the different sizes of the hearts!


Montessori Valentines Art Activitites

All in all, I see art activities as an opportunity for kids to express themselves, but they also serve a purpose, or rather several. Art activities, such as the ones I am sharing today are wonderful ways for kids to work on the following skills:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Prewriting skills (brush holding, pencil grasp, etc)
  • Scissor skills
  • Builds hand muscles
  • Expression
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving skills
  • Builds confidence
  • And more!

We hope you and your kids enjoy these Montessori-inspired art activities!

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