Disney Halloween Costumes from Everyday Clothes

Have you sorted out what you’re wearing for Halloween yet? This collection of 3 Peter Pan Halloween Costumes – made from clothes you might actually wear again – may just save you a bit of time!

Peter Pan Costumes for Women using everyday clothes - a Peter Pan Wardrobe board with outfits for Tinkerbell and Wendy, too!

As much as I love Halloween, I’m also very budget-conscious and I have a hard time justifying adult costume prices – kids costumes, sure, because my daughter and the daycare kids get so much use out of each and every costume we own – but adult costumes? I think it’s safe to say I’m only going to wear that stuff on Halloween (ok, possibly also at Disney…)

I asked my friend Kim to help me come up with some cute Halloween costumes using mostly everyday clothing – so even if you’re purchasing items for these costumes, you’ll actually be able to get more wear out of them than a traditional costume.

Peter Pan costume for women using everyday clothes - Disneybounding Peter Pan

Peter Pan Costume

In the theatre, Peter Pan traditionally has been played by actresses – so why not embrace tradition with this Peter Pan costume made from some classic women’s wear. I just love those leggings and can see getting a lot of use out of them. (Just don’t forget to stick a red feather in that fedora!)
  1. CA Mode Button Up Tunic (Amazon) — $15.99
  2. Faux Cracked Suede Leggings (Amazon) — $24.00
  3. Green Alpine Hat (Amazon) — $12.50
  4. Buckle Tall Boots (Target)  — $28 (the ones originally shared in this post are sold out so these are a similar pair)

Tinkerbell costume for grown ups with easy DIY shoes and a dress you can wear after Halloween! Tinkerbell Disneybounding

Tinkerbell Costume

After you’re done with this costume, the kids will love getting a new set of fairy wings and a star wand. I think my favourite part is those easy DIY Tinkerbell shoes!

  1. Girls Walk Bandeau Top Dress (Amazon) — $5.99
  2. Ollio Faux Suede Ballet Flats (Amazon) — $24.99
  3. 3″ Craft Pom Poms (Amazon) — $2.12
  4. Jacobson Star Wand (Amazon) — $2.99
  5. Apple Green Fairy Wings (Amazon) — $6.98

Wendy Darling Disneybounding - Halloween costume for grown-ups using everyday clothes

Wendy Costume

This costume is comfortable yet stylish and you can get so much use out of that classic maxi dress! Just borrow a teddy bear from the kids and you’re set.

  1. 82 Days Jersey Maxi Dress(Amazon) — $19.95
  2. SportsWell Wide Bow Belt(Amazon) — $7.98
  3. Lollipop Extra Large Hairbow(Amazon) — $5.38
  4. Shoes 8teen Mary Jane Shoes(Amazon) — $10.99
  5. Gund Lil Teddy Bear(Amazon) — $15.99

Peter Pan Costumes for Women using everyday clothes - a Peter Pan Wardrobe board with outfits for Tinkerbell and Wendy, too!


If you like this concept of wearing everyday clothes for your Halloween costume, check out our Belle Wardrobe board for even more inspiration.

And for the kids, check our homemade mermaid tiara and homemade jetpack!

jetpack (1)

kid-made (3)

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  1. Preparing the costume from our regular clothes is a really good idea. This time I’ll definitely going to use your idea and prepare a new dress for my kids. Wendy and tinker bell dress is quite simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with prices.

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