Disney Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family


I adore themed family costumes for Halloween – and you know we are a Disney house over here, so today I’m bringing you 5 Disney Halloween Costumes Ideas for a family of 4, plus bonus Addams Family Costumes and Little Red Riding Hood Costume Ideas.

Disney Halloween Costume Ideas

I was shocked when we went into one of those Halloween pop-up stores and I was checking out the prices on the family costume sets. There is absolutely no way that I’m going to pay $200+ to dress up my family for one night!

So I set out to find some Family of 4 Halloween Costumes that would look amazing together and wouldn’t break the bank.

I tried to come up with a few different options for different ages of children, but you can mix and match and swap out costumes as you see fit. Who’s saying dad can’t be a mouse or a castle butler while your son plays Prince Charming… and there is no such thing as too many Elsa’s in one family!

Little Mermaid

For this family costume set, we’re using a few different pieces to create Eric’s outfit – including chair linens that can be saved and re-purposed for the holidays! I found an Ursula costume at a great price but you could alternatively use a black tank top and purple skirt to make a Disneybound-style Ursula outfit.

  1. Dickie’s Straight Leg Pants — $25.99
  2. Fun Costume’s Renaissance Shirt — $33.99
  3. Kangaroo Pirate Boot Covers — $13.69
  4. LA Linen Red Sash — $7.96
  5. Disney Princess Ariel Shimmer Costume — $28.46
  6. Disguise Ursula Costume — $33.84
  7. InCharacter Baby Crab Costume — $22.76

Snow White:

  1. California Costumes Storybook Prince — $30.85
  2. Fun Costumes Dwarf Costume — $29.99
  3. Enchanted Princess Snow White Costume — $27.79
  4. Disguise Costumes’s Evil Queen — $35.26


  1. Disguise Prince Charming Costume — $33.12
  2. Disguise Girl’s Cinderella Costume — $22.41
  3. Disguise Fairy Godmother Costume — $33.28
  4. Fun Costumes Mouse Costume — $34.99


  1. Disguise Frozen Elsa Costume — $11.64
  2. Disguise Men’s Olaf Costume — $46.70
  3. Disguise Boy’s Kristoff Costume — $37.75
  4. Disguise Women’s Anna Costume — $40.39

Wizard of Oz:

  1. Rubie’s Dorothy Costume — $29.99
  2. Rubie’s Adult Scarecrow Costume — $34.97
  3. GSG Children’s Tin Man Costume — $45.47
  4. InCharacter Baby Lion Costume — $38.27

Bonus: Adams Family:

  1. Rubie’s Gomez Addams Costume — $35.26
  2. Fun World Morticia Addams Costume — $43.19
  3. Largemouth Pugsly Addams Striped Shirt — $21.99
  4. Rubie’s Wednesday Addams Costume — $19.52

Bonus: Red Riding Hood:

  1. Moondance Floral Housecoat — $19.99
  2. Roaring Costume Party Grandma Glasses — $8.55
  3. Rubie’s Old Lady Costume Wig — $12.65
  4. Fun Costumes Girl’s’ Dorothy Costume — $34.99
  5. Underwrap’s Baby Wolf Costume — $35.86
  6. Fun Costumes Lumberjack Costume — $24.99



Pin this Collection of Disney-Inspired Family Costume Ideas – we’ll add more every year:

Who’s saying dad can’t be a mouse or a castle butler while your son plays Prince Charming… and there is no such thing as too many Elsa’s in one family! If the Disney theme isn’t for you, check out these funny Halloween t-shirts to explore some unique options for your family.

And be sure to check out some of our other costume posts, like our Disney Halloween Costumes from Everyday Clothes or our 20 Disney Costumes under $30.

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