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Even though I am home all day with the kids, we tend to do at least one bento box lunch every week to prepare the preschoolers for next year.

This week, I prepared this cute & easy bunny-themed kids’ lunch for Easter, but it would also be cute at any time of year!

A super simple Bunny-themed lunch idea for kids, plus 12 other bunny lunch box ideas that also work as fun Bunny-themed afterschool snacks

Bunny Lunch Box

The simple addition of some special cookies and food picks transformed this easy kids’ lunch into a cute & exciting meal that all of the kids were eager to eat.

What’s In Our Bunny-Themed Bento Box:

  • Bunnies on a Log
    Turkey and cheese wraps with a little bit of red pepper greek yogurt spread, held together by these cute bunny food picks (I wash mine and re-use them). Of course, swap out your kid’s favorite sandwich fillings for this one.
  • Bunnies in the Snow
    We’re still surrounded by the white stuff here, so placing some chocolate graham cracker bunnies in a muffin cup of yogurt seemed appropriate. (Hey, all that snow makes it easier to spot the bunnies!)
    You could alternatively do “Bunnies in Mud” and place the cookies in some chocolate pudding, or “Bunnies in the Grass” and top off the yogurt with some green sprinkles or dyed-green coconut shreds before adding the bunny cookies
  • Carrots & Dip
    A simple and easy way to get the kids to eat their carrots is to remind them that bunnies love carrots! While some of my kids will eat carrots plain, a couple of them can only be convinced if there is a bit of dip available, so we use a healthy yogurt-based spinach dip.

To take the bunny theme even further, there are some cute bunny lunch accessories you can order, from a Bunny-themed Lunch Bag, to a Bunny Tumbler, and even a Bunny Thermos!

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Pin this collection of Bunny Lunch Box Ideas for your snack-spiration!

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I hope you liked this collection of Easter-themed easy & healthy lunches and snacks for kids!

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Original image from 2015: 

Cute & Easy Bunny-themed Kids lunch for Easter or just for fun! Plus other cute Easter snacks and lunch ideas

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