20 Disney Princess Costumes under $30


My daughter wears a Princess costume every single day.

Honestly, I should have saved myself a lot of money last season and not bothered buying any “normal clothes” since those were only worn during messy sensory play activities or when we went to the splashpad.

Since she’s moving into a new size of clothing and costumes are everywhere right now, I thought I’d stock up on some affordably priced princess costumes under $30.

20 Disney Princess Costumes for under $30 - great girl costume ideas for your Disney Princess lover

Originally, I wanted to find (and share) Disney princess costumes from both small shops and bigger retailers, but I found very few options under $30 from Etsy or smaller stores.

However, I did find some gorgeous dresses in person at Winner’s for $30-45, and there are several Etsy sellers that will do bundles of Princess dresses that work out to $25-60 each.

Most of these costumes are for Disney Princesses, but I included a few of their other “female characters” just for good measure (Ella loves the Lilo costume, while I’m all about that Princess Lea one!)

I also have this list of 20 Disney Costumes under $30, if you’re looking for something “for boys” or more gender-neutral.


How cute are these Disney Princess Costume ideas? All under $30!

  1. Frozen Elsa Deluxe Costume (Amazon) — $14.66
  2. Frozen Anna Coronation Gown Costume (Amazon) — $13.84
  3. Cinderella Movie Wedding Dress Costume (Target) — $30.00
  4. Toy Story Jesse Costume (Amazon) — $17.46
  5. Toddler Lilo & Stitch Costume (Amazon) — $29.99
  6. Toddler Mulan Sparkle Costume (Target) — $19.99
  7. Frozen Elsa Party Dress Costume (Amazon) — $17.99
  8. Tink’s Pixie Surprise Dress Costume (Target) — $20.59
  9. Belle Shimmer Deluxe Costume (Amazon) — $24.62
  10. Meleficent Aurora Deluxe Dress and Headpiece (Target) — $21.99
  11. Forum Novelties Belle Costume (Amazon) — $18.95
  12. Star Wars Padme Amidala Costume (Amazon) — $19.07
  13. Snow White Toddler Costume (Target) — $29.99
  14. Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy Zarina Costume (Target) — $29.99
  15. Ariel Enchanted Dress (Target) — $20.39
  16. American Princess Pocahontas Costume (Amazon) — $23.21
  17. Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy Tink Costume (Target) — $29.99
  18. Brave Merida Royal Dress Costume (Amazon) — $18.84
  19. Toddler Jasmine Costume (Target) — $29.99
  20. Diguise Costumes Minnie Mouse Dress (Amazon) — $26.16


20 Disney Princess Costumes

Do you have a little one who dresses up like a Princess often?

What will your kids be wearing for Halloween?

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