Space Sensory Bin

Get ready for a deep space adventure – in the form of a Space Sensory Bin! This easy & dynamic sensory bin is perfect for a variety of ages and has so many ways to play. Get ready to blast off because here we go!

A fun & easy to set up Space Sensory Bin for your little astronaut. Hands-on learning about space along with some great sensory play suited for a variety of ages

Ella’s classroom is now a constant source of new influence in our home, which can lead to some unpredictable interests!

Ever since insisting on a telescope for Christmas a couple years ago, Ella has expressed exactly zero interest in anything space related except for the moon & it’s phases. But now that her classroom has been exploring space for a few weeks, she is a full-out cosmonaut!

This space sensory bin was a great way to share her interest with the younger kids in our daycare and keep us busy on a rainy day!

astronaut sensory bin - making a constellation with our space sensory bin

How to Make a Space Sensory Bin

Many of these items – the moon cake pan, the constellation lacing cards, the mini planets, and the cute little telescope – came from our awesome Montessori By Mom Space Explorer kit.

When I first saw these kits I thought they were kind of pricey, but when I looked at the items individually on Amazon, the items in the kit would have cost me about the same (not including the additional craft supplies), but the kit also comes with lesson plans, free printables, and example videos to help make your space explorations easier and less work!

When I told the Montessori by Mom team that I would be sharing their kits with you (I shared the Color Lab one here) they gave me a discount code to pass on to you if you decide to try out the subscription option: AFF1929

(And for full disclosure, if enough people use that code to sign up for a subscription, not only do you get the discount I will also receive another kit to review for free on the site.)

playing space sensory bin by lining up the planets

I wanted this sensory bin to almost seem like a mini-universe unto itself, so while I packed it with lots of “space items” I tried to avoid repeats, and I tried to provide a variety. The only real except was the stars are represented by the glitter on the rocks, the tinfoil stars, and the constellation lacing cards – each of them providing a different “experience” within the bin and they interact nicely together.

The most important thing with this sensory bin for me is that it provides lots of different ways to play.

Ella started out by removing all of the planets and lining them up – first just in a line, and then trying to figure out their order.

playing space sensory bin (1)

She then moved on to explore each aspect of the sensory bin one by one.

Here are some ways to play with this Space Sensory Bin:

  • Using the tinfoil stars to make constellations
  • Running the space rocks through your fingers
  • Making patterns with the space rocks, tinfoil stars, planets
  • Trying to make a mini-universe by lining up the planets
  • Taking the astronaut on a space exploration
  • Using the constellation cards to make constellations, as flashcards, etc.
  • Using the telescope to look at the sensory bin, around the room, etc
  • Throwing the Earth ball
  • Bouncing the planets
  • Dropping the planets and Earth ball into the space rocks to see what happens
  • Crinkling up the tin foil
  • Scooping & pouring the space rocks with the moon container

playing space sensory bin (2)

This space sensory bin was so easy to put together and the kids love it! We kept it like this for over a week before sending the space rocks to Ella’s school for her classmates to use in their own sensory bin. The space rocks could be used in so many different sensory bins, but I will warn you – the glitter does come off on little hands!

(But, I’ve embraced the glitter. After 2 years of the princess phase and all of the glitter from crafts, costumes, etc – I actually like that every surface in my home sparkles!)

Fun ways to explore this space themed sensory bin - the perfect sensory bin for little astronauts of all ages!

Do you have a little astronaut who would love this space sensory bin? What sensory bins would you like to see us create?

We also have this great set of Outer Space Printables for Cutting Practice.

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