Space Yoga for Kids


Today, we are blasting off into space with some Space Yoga for Kids! Use this sequence of modified yoga poses for kids to soar through the universe, stretching your body and your imagination at the same time!

A cute idea for physical activity during a space unit study - or just to get your little astronaut moving - this space yoga for kids sequence takes kids on an imaginary trip through space

Yoga has long been a part of our family routine. While we don’t wake up every morning and greet the day with a yoga session (I wish!) it’s something we try to do a few times a week, and the first thing we reach for when we’re feeling stressed, sore, or out of sorts. A big glass of water and some yoga usually helps us feel a bit better, even if it’s just improving our mindset to deal with other issues.

Every once in a while, I try to come up with fun themes or set our yoga sequences to easy songs or rhymes. It’s a great way to introduce new sequences or explain poses to children.

We’ve been exploring space quite a bit recently, with our outer space cutting printables, nebula in a jar craft, and space sensory bin (plus a couple more activities I have to still share with you) so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to introduce “crescent” pose and “half moon” pose.

Ella wanted to wear her homemade jet pack, but she settled for just wearing her super cute astronaut costume. (The one in these pictures is a Canadian brand from Winners – the one in the link is a US astronaut costume from Aeromax. Ours is puffier and better for my sensory-sensitive kid, the Aeromax one is thin and great for layering over clothes, but Ella found it too scratchy.)

Just ensure when you do yoga with kids that they are wearing comfortable clothing they can move easily in, without tripping over or having to fuss with their clothing. 

A fun space yoga for kids sequence - how to do yoga with kids

Sun Salutation for Kids

5-4-3-2-1 – Let’s BLAST OFF! You are a rocket blasting off from Earth into space. Imagine the universe is stretching before you.

Ella loves starting sequences off in sun salutation so most of our yoga sequences for kids start this way. It’s a great stretching pose that allows you to breathe deep and clear your mind.

Reach your arms high above your head and look up through your hands to the sky. Feet are shoulder width apart and shoulders are relaxed.

crescent pose for kids

Crescent Post for Kids

Wow, can you see the moon? Let’s try to make a C-shape with our bodies like the crescent moon.

While crescent pose is often combined with a lunge, it can be safely modified as a standing pose. Imagine you are the moon, shining bright and looking at the Earth.

Clasp your hands together, push out through your fingertips and bend sideways from the waist to form your body into a crescent shape. Breathe.


Crescent Pose, Other Side

We’re circling the moon, let’s make our bodies look like the moon on the other side.

Gently straighten up your body and move into crescent pose on the other side.

Return back to center.

star pose for kids

Star Pose for Kids

We’re soaring past the moon now, heading towards the stars. Can you make yourself look like a star?

Jump your legs out, wider than shoulder-width apart and spread your arms as far as you can. Breathe deep and push your hands out to fill your lungs.

half moon pose for kids

Modified Half Moon for Kids

We’re circling back to Earth. The moon looks even bigger now, like a half moon. Let’s see if we can make that shape.

From star pose, slowly start tilting your body to one side, touching your hand to the ground to balance you before taking your foot off of the floor. Try to keep one hand and one foot in the air while you balance on the others. Try to keep your back and raised leg in a straight line.

Place your hand and foot down gently and “walk your hands” over to the other side. Try lifting the other hand and foot.

When you’re done, place your hand and foot on the ground, roll back to center and lie down. (Or, if you want to repeat the sequence, roll up to standing and start again with Sun Salutation.


When we’re done our session, we lie in Savasana, with our arms by our side and breath deep. You can think of anything or nothing during Savatsana, as long as it’s calming  for you.

Update: My friend Giselle over at Kids Yoga Stories let me know about this Kids Yoga DVD “Outer Space Blast Off” which I had no idea existed! This would be a great option if you’re a bit unsure about leading your child through a yoga sequence, or want something a bit more independent.

A cute idea for physical activity during a space unit study - or just to get your little astronaut moving - this space yoga for kids sequence takes kids on an imaginary trip through space

Do you practice yoga with your kids? Do you think your kids would enjoy this Space themed yoga sequence?

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