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Another over-the-top but on-budget Disney birthday party, today I’m sharing with you all of the details of Ella’s Princess Jasmine Birthday Party: the menu, the activities, the party favors – and the budget!

Everything you need to know to plan the ULTIMATE Princess Jasmine Party on a budget. Menu ideas, decor plans, party activities for kids, and easy party favors that double as party crafts.

Princess Jasmine Birthday Party

Just before Ella’s 5th birthday, she had a magical encounter with none other than Aladdin at Disney World.

Their meeting made such an impression that she insisted on a Aladdin-themed birthday party. However, about halfway through the planning process I realized I had accidentally planned more of a Princess Jasmine theme than Aladdin – oops!

Regardless, she and our party guests loved it and I had a blast planning it. 

Ella’s summer birthday means that while we can plan for an outdoor party with a pool set-up for the kids, we also have to plan for the possibility of thunderstorms. For this party, we used an outdoor party tent cover to protect the food, gift and craft area.

If we got rained out, most of our party activities (except for the splash pool) could be moved indoors or safely done underneath the tent (as long as there was no lightning).

Having a weather contingency plan is always a good idea if you are planning an outdoor event, as is planning how you are going to prevent guests from overheating or reduce annoying bugs. (We had lots of water on ice and used our DIY Tiki Torches.)

We kept the food pretty simple with this party and went all-out with decor, a henna tattoo artist, and an inflatable pool big enough for all 10 kids.

Our party crafts doubled as take-home party favors and were a nice change of pace when kids needed a break from splashing in the pool. Having a mix of active and low-key activities is always part of my party planning.


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Aladdin Party Decorations

While we had a general “Arabian” theme, what really sticks out in our party decor is the bright jewel tones, pops of gold, hibiscus trees, and that “zebra skin” outdoor rug.

There were several things that we purchased for the party that we now plan to use to decorate the back porch – the candle holders, zebra rug – and the teal bird cage is now home to a Hedwig owl in our living room. If we weren’t able to re-use these items, I wouldn’t have purchased them so I am not including them in the cost of the party (just as I wouldn’t include the cost of items that we already had on hand and repurposed for the party). I always suggest going through your home and seeing what items you already own that can be used as decor.

Full list of Aladdin party decorations we used:


Total decor budget: $46.88 (including the rug, bird cage, drink bucket and bowls $134.88)

Other Aladdin Decor Ideas:

Aladdin Theme Party Food

For the food, we kept things pretty simple and healthy, with a few treats. Unlike our other parties, we choose to time this party for the mid-afternoon so we didn’t have to serve a meal to our guests (which was more about making my hosting duties easier than anything).

Ella requested a white chocolate fondue fountain which was a nice treat (however it made a giant mess whenever the wind picked up).

We brought the Arabian theme in with two different types of hummus and Ella’s favorite “rope cheese” which can be purchased at Arabic grocery stores.

Full list of Aladdin party food we served:

  • Grapes, blackberries, strawberries
  • White chocolate fountain
  • Rope cheese (string cheese flavored with caraway seeds)
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Yogurt dip
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Chips
  • Princess Jasmine cake (homemade – recipe coming soon)


Total Food Budget: $53

Other Aladdin Menu Ideas:

Aladdin Theme Party Activities

While attending a Holi festival in our city, Ella and I met a wonderful henna artist who was available for private bookings and it seemed like a wonderful activity to include in our party. (Yes, it doesn’t really fit the Arabian theme but it did allow the kids to learn about a culture other than their own and feel pampered without doing typical “spa”-type activities.)

I paid per guest, but there may be henna artists that charge an hourly rate. If you plan to offer henna tattoos at a party, be sure to clear it with the children’s parents first as the tattoos can last one to three weeks depending on the ink used. You can also buy DIY Henna Kits (this one washes off easily), but I would still hire a babysitter or have someone else handle that as my hands were already full with hosting, watching the pool, and assisting with crafts.

I also set up a giant blow-up pool that was perfect for the three to five year olds we had in attendance, along with our swing set. 

For crafts, I set up a Jasmine tank top craft and Jasmine necklace making, which also served as take-home party favors for the guests.


Total Activity Cost: $183  (The pool was $108)

Other Jasmine Party Activity Ideas:

Aladdin Party Favors

Having the guests make their own Jasmine tank tops and Jasmine necklaces as take-home favors was great, and the henna designs lasted for a couple of weeks so I think of those as a party favor, too!

For the tank tops, I bought some boys’ undershirts in bulk and then dyed them teal with fabric dye. We then purchased some acrylic jewels and some Jasmine-inspired ribbon for the kids to add to their designs.

In addition, I gave each guest bubbles and a small Aladdin-themed activity book. I added some fabric butterflies to paper bags to make their goodie bags a bit more special, too.


Total Guest Gift Cost: $48

Other Party Favor Ideas:

The Final Cost

Our biggest party expenses were purchasing a blow-up kiddie pool and hiring a henna artist to come treat all of the guests. You could save on these expenses by using outdoor activities you already own, purchasing a cheaper pool, and/or DIYing the henna tattoos with a kit.

We saved money by not serving a meal and also making the cake at home. We also could have saved money by skipping the DIY Jasmine shirts (which cost about $30 for 10 kids) or having that be our only party favor and skipping the fancy bags and little extras.

Many of the party decorations were able to be used for another party.

  • Guest Party Favors $48
  • Party food $53
  • Plastic cups, paper plates, utensils $5
  • Party decor $46.88
  • Case of water $3
  • Ice $3
  • Henna Artist $75 plus tip
  • Blow Up Pool $108
  • Singing Flower Candle $5

Total $346.88


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How to plan a memorable Princess Jasmine Birthday Party on a budget: food, decor, activities and party favors, plus tons of extra ideas for the best kids' birthday party ever

If you are planning an Aladdin or Jasmine Themed Birthday Party for your kids, I hope this post helped! Please let me know if you have any questions that I didn’t answer in the post!

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How to plan a memorable Princess Jasmine Birthday Party on a budget: food, decor, activities and party favors, plus tons of extra ideas for the best kids' birthday party ever  Everything you need to know to plan the ULTIMATE Princess Jasmine Party on a budget. Menu ideas, decor plans, party activities for kids, and easy party favors that double as party crafts.  A fun Disney Birthday Party inspired by Princess Jasmine! This super simple birthday party is budget-friendly with awesome ideas for the party menu, activities, grab bags and party activities for kids

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