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The Montessori Colour Box 1 is (arguably) the third Montessori Sensorial Material to be presented in the Montessori Method.

The only purpose of the Colour Box 1 is to prepare the child for later learning with the Colour Boxes 2, 3, and 4*, so it is a simple and straightforward Montessori presentation.

How to Present the Montessori Colour Box 1

Direct Purpose: Introduce child to orienting colour, and “matching” aspect of Montessori materials.

Indirect Purpose: Prepare child for work with subsequent colour boxes.



Casa, or Preschool. (While these activities can be done as young as 18 months, it is best to wait until age 2 even with advanced children because they will not be able to progress to the other materials as an older child would — which is the point.)


  1. Carry the colour box 1 to your work rug or table using two hands – children should already know how to carry a tray at the time of this presentation.
  2. Take tablets out of the box in matching pairs, being careful to place fingers on the edges of the tablets and not on the colour portion.
  3. Place tablets at random on the table.
  4. Select one colour tablet and set it down with intention, away from the other tablets.
  5. Let the child know that you are looking for the matching tablet.
  6. Carefully pick up the matching tablet and place it directly beside it’s match.
  7. Select another colour tablet and set it down in an orderly way near, yet separate, from the first pair.
  8. Ask the child to help you find the matching tablet.
  9. Carefully pick up the matching tablet (after the child has pointed it out) and place it directly beside it’s match (I wouldn’t stop a child from doing this step themselves if they take over)
  10. Repeat steps 7-9 for the remaining colour tablet.
  11. Put the tablets back in the box and replace back on the shelf.


The presentation of the Montessori colour box 1 is simple because it prepares children for the increased number of tablets and increased difficulty of the following colour boxes. Not all children will be interested in repeating this work, so if you are confident that they grasp the process and concepts, you can introduce the second colour box soon after presenting Colour Box 1.

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