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It’s been a little while since we’ve shared a Montessori Practical Life lesson here, but they are a daily occurrence at our house. Today, I want to share with you a Montessori Practical Life Checklist to help you plan and choose practical life activities to suit your child.

Montessori Practical Life lessons checklist - everything from the preliminary activities to care of environment, this post guides you through the basics of any practical life post and encourages you to personalize your child's Montessori education to your lifestyle.

Now, I’m going to start by saying that you do not have to do every single practical life activity on this list! In fact, you really shouldn’t follow my list of suggestions to inform your own concept of practical life.

Your list of practical life activities should be personalized to your family’s lifestyle, your child’s interests, and your surrounding cultural influences. For example, one of our first practical life lessons is on the safe and quiet moving of a chair. If you exclusively use cushions in your home for portable seating, this lesson ceases to be practical for you.

However, I have no lessons on farm tasks or care of a pet – maybe those are relatable and practical for you.

Further, we all have different levels of comfort when it comes to trusting our children with real tools. Ella was cooking on the stove at 18 months, learned how to use a manual drill last Halloween to “carve” her pumpkin, and at 4 years old has recently learned to chop wood with supervision.

child axe cutting

How to Conduct a Practical Life Lesson

When teaching a Montessori Practical Life lesson, you need to slow down and think about how a child’s hands would carry out the task. Their hands lack the size and strength that we sometimes take for granted, so we need to alter how we might teach them a task.

Also, it’s important to teach things slowly and consciously. My daughter now opens all plastic wrapped packages with a pen because that’s what she witnessed me do when she was younger (pens are always in reach for me, whereas scissors are put away). While this isn’t necessarily a bad habit, it’s not an orderly one and it does have the potential to leave marks on the items she’s opening.

So, while some of the details included in some practical life lessons can be ignored, it is important to stop and consider why that detail may have been included. Does that make it easier for kids to emulate? Is that a safer way of carrying out that task?

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Practical life lessons slowly grow and expand into other categories – for example, Care of the Environment grows to include art appreciation and learning how to beautify one’s environment with art. Care of the Self can be deepened to a greater understanding of biology, while basic cooking skills learned in Primary can develop into a knowledge of chemistry and love of all things cooking!

<>Montessori Practical Life Checklist

Click here to download your free copy of my Montessori Practical Life checklist.

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  1. This is such a comprehensive list! Thank you! And I love the reminder on how to present a lesson. I always seem to move too quickly.

  2. Such a great list of activities. I love that you focus on how each child’s list will be tailored to their home, family, and lifestyle. That’s so true!

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