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During our Cinderella Unit Study we did a couple of crafts, but my favourite has to be this mouse craft that I initially was a bit hesitant about.

I could not for the life of me come up with a Cinderella craft for the kids, until my friend suggested a mouse craft! I made this mouse finger puppet when I was a kid so the credit goes to my kindergarten teacher, Ms. Brown!

Mouse craft for Cinderella unit study

I was worried that this mouse craft wouldn’t be open-ended enough, but the kids surprised me by coming up with their own interpretations using the prepared materials before I could even show them how to assemble the intended mouse craft.

My intention was to make a mouse finger puppet craft, but I loved the flatter versions that two of the kids made on their own accord. Either mouse craft would be a great option — the mouse finger puppet would be a good challenge for children developing their fine motor skills.

Mice Craft Materials -

Materials for Mouse Craft:

Mice Craft Materials

I laid out these materials for the kids and immediately two of them laid out the supplies on the heart shape to make mice faces. I loved their interpretation and helped them use the felt glue to attach the facial features.

The third child waited and I showed her how to make the mouse finger puppet craft that I remembered from my childhood.

You can make the mouse finger puppet craft as just a cone-shape, or you can leave small gaps in the bottom of the mouse craft for your child’s fingers to stick through, however, they would have to be gentle while playing with the craft unless it was sewn shut rather than glued.

Mice Craft for Cinderella Unit Study.

I hope you liked this simple mouse craft! You can check out the rest of our Cinderella unit study here, or check out our other crafts here!

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  1. Super cute! We make candy cane mice for the tree out of felt for Christmas. My girls loved the new Cinderella movie – I’m sure they would love to make these too. Thanks for linking up at #WeLoveWeekends

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