Mermaid Printable Pack

This free Mermaid Printables Activity Pack is a great way to do some learning at home, and would be perfect for keeping the kids happy while travelling or a goody bag item at a Mermaid Birthday Party.

FREE Printable Mermaid Activity Pack - includes tracing activities for fine motor development, a mermaid puzzle, mermaid matching game and mermaid coloring sheet

Mermaid Printable Activities

My daughter Ella can never get enough of anything mermaid-themed. We’ve done countless mermaid crafts, made mermaid recipes, and even threw an epic Mermaid Birthday Party.

We travel a lot (like often 4-5 months of the year) so having some fun printable activities available to her is a great option during boring downtimes, like on planes, long waits at restaurants, or boring adult activities that I drag her to.

These printables would also be great for keeping in the car, having available on a rainy day, or to add to a Mermaid-themed movie night.

While all of these sheets may just appear to be fun, each one reinforces key skills in language, fine motor control, and also critical thinking.


Tip: I like to laminate our printables so we can use them multiple times. This is the laminator I use, and I just buy the super cheap packages of laminate sheets from Amazon. It costs about 13 cents a sheet to laminate which lets us get so much use out of any activity we print out.

Materials Needed for our Mermaid Activity Pack

Download and print the activity pack on white paper or card stock. Laminate, if desired.

How to Use This Mermaid Activity Pack

Each sheet of the pack offers a different activity which reinforces key developmental concepts, which I will describe below.

This letter tracing page is great for developing fine motor skills and building sound associations with those letters. 

Have your child name the item and then isolate the beginning sound. They can then trace over the letters. (Laminating the sheets lets them practice over and over again.)

This tracing page is also great for early writers in building fine motor strength and proper pen grip. It’s also great for children who are almost ready to learn cursive writing.

After your child traces over the line, they can color the mermaid. Coloring it in the same colors helps practice matching and color identification (as well as reinforcing attention to detail), but if they want to use different colors, let them.


This mermaid puzzle just looks like fun but it develops sequential thinking and logic. Plus putting the puzzle together is another easy fine motor activity for kids.

The strips can be glued down onto a second (blank) sheet of paper, or kept loose so kids can assemble the puzzle multiple times.

If you want to laminate this puzzle, do it after the pieces are cut out.

This page can be used simply as a coloring sheet, or it can be a story starter! Have your child describe or write a story about the mermaid in the picture.

Story telling builds vocabulary skills and can be great for reinforcing grammar, while encouraging imagination and creativity and a better understanding of story structures.

Cut out the pieces of this matching game, flip the pieces over and have children turn over two cards at a time, trying to find a match.

This is a great two or three player game, but can be done independently. It develops memory retention (including visual and short-term memory), concentration, and attention to detail.

If you want to laminate this matching game, do it after the pieces are cut out.


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FREE Printable Mermaid Activity Pack - includes tracing activities for fine motor development, a mermaid puzzle, mermaid matching game and mermaid coloring sheet

Don’t forget to grab your FREE Mermaid Activity Pack.

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