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What is too much information when it comes to sharing about our children on social media sites?

TMI: What is too much information when it comes to our kids online? Do you overshare about your children?

I’m not talking about THOSE parents who share multiple posts and pictures every day about their children. (Although that is potentially indicative on another issue, altogether.)

I’m talking about when parents share things about their children that those children may one day resent as invasive and embarrassing.

We don’t yet know how social media will evolve but we do know that once we put something on the internet, we give up some control of that content. Even if we delete that content or overshare at a later time, there are ways for that information to still be retrieved, and this could come back to affect our children.

The majority of my friends have younger children, around Ella’s age or only slightly older, and I am already concerned about some of the posts that I see and how they (unwittingly) disrespect the child as a person.

For me, unless I am willing to read that post aloud to my child ten years from now in a room full of her friends, that post doesn’t belong in the public sphere. Because, let’s face it, her peers are likely to be able to retrieve that information at that time, regardless of my current privacy settings.

There are the overshares, but also the complaining about our children.

Would you say in front of your child what you are posting about them?

Is there a more private or constructive way that you could reach out for support or advice?

I don’t deny that we should be honest about our parenting experiences and reach out for support or understanding when we feel the need, but we should learn how to do it in a way that respects our children as human beings worthy of respect. I don’t see any difference in taking to the internet to complain about our children than doing the same about spouses or family members — there are respectful ways to post, and disrespectful ways to post.

What do you think is off-limits in discussing your children online?

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