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We’re interrupting our usual schedule of kids’ activities, positive parenting inspiration, and family-friendly food to bring you 31 days of Kids Kitchen Recipes and Activities.

Today, Nell from Rhythms of Play is sharing her Kid-Made Veggie Lasagna, and I thought we’d share one of our own kid-made meals as part of a Tour the World virtual food expo being hosted by my friend Meghan.

Here is an easy and delicious recipe for a Canadian classic that hails from Quebec — Poutine!

Kids Kitchen: Easy Poutine Recipe - a traditional Canadian treat, poutine is easy to make at home. Crispy french fries and chewy cheese curds, smothered in gravy. YUM!

When we were in Montreal last summer, we actually went on a self-created poutine tour, having more than 10 renditions of the French Canadian classic. While there are lots of fun variations (favourites include a lobster poutine smothered in Bernaise sauce, butter chicken poutine, and a foie gras-topped poutine) we decided to share with you the standard – classic – poutine recipe that you can buy nearly all across Canada, especially in Quebec.

Tips for making crispy french fries at home - perfect for making poutine!

A great  poutine starts with perfect french fries. We made frozen french fries purchased from a local restaurant, but you can use homemade french fries, as long as they are crispy! Nothing is worse than soggy fries… especially in a poutine.

My tips for perfect homemade french fries:

  • soak your cut potatoes in salt water for at least half an hour and squeeze when removed to remove some of the starch
  • batter your french fries if possible, in a flour-and-water mixture (or flour and beer!)
  • spread your french fries out well on your baking sheet so that they aren’t crowding each other
  • if frying, make sure the oil is very hot before starting and work in small batches

Poutine (3)

While the French fries are baking, prepare your gravy. I always save the drippings from a roast for making gravy, but you can also make a good gravy with bouillon cubes, flour, and broth.

Once the French fries are removed, sprinkle a generous amount of local cheese curds overtop. Cheese curds are simply small lumps of cheese that do not completely melt when added to dishes. They retain their waxy texture and amazing flavour, giving a great contrast to the crunchy French fries.

Poutine (2)

Finally, top with that delicious gravy. I like to half-cover the fries with gravy to have that contrast of some bare French fries to the ones smothered in sauce.

Untitled design (27)

This is one dish that you want to eat as fresh and as hot as you can… some of us can’t even wait for the poutine to be portioned out before digging in!

Untitled design (25)

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