Free Printable Mermaid Board Game

We have a collection of active Mermaid Party Games that are perfect for a Mermaid Birthday Party, but I wanted to add a low-key Mermaid Board Game perfect for family game nights or a rainy day inside.

A simple mermaid game for kids, this printable board game is an underwater version of Candy Land perfect for a family game night or a free Mermaid birthday party gift

Mermaid Board Game

Now that Ella is a bit older, her bedtime has been moved back and we have a bit more time to play with after supper.

I try to be really intentional about not allowing screen time to be a regular part of her day, so we’ve added board games to our weekday routines. It’s something fun and low-key that we can do after supper, without the clean up of crafts or the mental fatigue of screens.

Ella’s favorite show has long been H2O (an Australian TV show about teen mermaids) so adding a mermaid twist to just about anything (from healthy mermaid popsicles to mermaid soaps to make bath time tolerable) always ensures the idea goes over well (and it served as a perfect alternative to watching a mermaid show).

This Mermaid Board Game would be great for a goody bag item at a Mermaid Birthday Party

This Mermaid Board Game is essentially a mermaid-version of Candy Land, requiring no counting or reading skills, so it’s great for including all members of the family. (Of course, you can swap out the cards for a die or just have children count out the squares as they advance in the game.)

While there are ways to modify this game so that “everybody wins,” I’m a fan of teaching children to play by the rules, take turns, and learn how to win or lose gracefully. If you’d prefer a co-operative game, we really like Peaceable Kingdom’s Mermaid Island.

Tip: I like to laminate our games so we can use them multiple times. This is the laminator I use, and I just buy the super cheap packages of laminate sheets from Amazon. It costs about 13 cents a sheet to laminate which lets us get so much use out of any activity we print out.

Materials Needed for our Mermaid Board Game

Print pages 2 through 4.

(You may want to print two copies of page 4 or simply have the kids reshuffle the cards when they reach the bottom of the draw pile. If you print multiple copies of 4, I recommend removing some of the “special space” pictures so younger players don’t get frustrated.)

Laminate the game board, if desired, and cut out the playing cards.

Keep the game pieces, game board and instructions in a file folder or envelope in between use.

How to Play this Mermaid Board Game

Place your markers on the bubble (bottom left corner).

Place cards upside down on the “Draw Card Pile.”

Choose a player to go first.

The player will draw the top card from the pile then move to the next matching space. Play continues to the next player.

If a special space card is drawn (seahorse, shell, or treasure) the player will head to the matching space, even if it is behind her.

To win by landing on the last mermaid, a player MUST draw a matching mermaid card.


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Grab your free printable download for this Mermaid Board Game, a fun underwater take on Candy Land perfect for the whole family!

Don’t forget to grab your FREE Printable Mermaid Board Game!

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