Rudolph Yoga for Kids


Another festive winter yoga for kids sequence, this Rudolph Yoga for Kids is a fun way to engage kids in some calming yoga practice.

Rudolph Yoga for Kids - a fun winter gross motor activity for kids inspired by the classic song or book!

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Yoga is something our family has slowly worked into our daily schedule.

At first, it was just a great option for days when we needed a good stretch and to calm our minds. But then, my daughter started to enjoy it more and request that we do yoga together… however, she often asked at the most inopportune times!

I wanted to nurture her love for such a great calming practice (and I love doing yoga myself) so we started doing 10-15 minutes of yoga every morning together.

It’s not a requirement or a “just another thing to do” before we head out the door in the morning; if we aren’t feeling it or we’re having a slow morning, we skip it and pick it back up the next morning. I sometimes save it for last as a way to motivate my daughter to do all of her morning things so we can hang out and do some one-on-one yoga together.

Alternatively, yoga can be a great before bedtime activity – calming and stretching out our bodies for rest. (I’m just more motivated to do things in the morning – by my daughter’s bedtime, I barely want to get off the couch!)

Also a note – we made up this yoga sequence in the morning, with unbrushed hair, pyjamas and yoga mats. We decided to recreate it to share – this is not actually how we practice yoga.

Ideally, use a child’s sized yoga mat or a towel for a soft surface during floor poses, and do your yoga with lots of room around you (not right beside a wall). Most kids’ clothes are stretchy enough that you don’t need any special kids’ yoga wear to get started.

However, antler barrettes and a red Rudolph nose are highly recommended!

Dasher (Lunge Pose)

Place your hands in front of you on the floor to steady yourself and step one foot out in between your hands. Slide your other leg back in a controlled fashion until you feel a good stretch in your leg. (Pressing on the foot is not intended but kids will do little variations to feel comfortable – let them as long as it’s not potentially harmful.)

We kept our lunge “low” but if you want to work on balance you can straighten your back and even raise your hands straight up.

Dancer (Dancer Pose)

For Dancer’s Pose, stretch your leg towards the back wall while leaning and reaching forward with your opposite hand.

This pose is really tricky, and the goal is to curve your leg up behind your head and hold your calf or foot securely with the corresponding arm to the raised leg, while leaning forward and reaching forward with the opposite arm. It’s okay to lean less and grab your calf or foot, or use lean and use both hands for balancing when you’re learning.

The focus is on a straight and stretched spine while keeping good balance.

Prancer (Warrior Pose)

There are 3 variations of Warrior Pose, for this sequence we did Warrior Pose II: from dancer pose,place your feet so that your right foot is square to your body but comfortably behind you, and your left foot is in front, like a deep triangle. Bend your left knee and straighten your right leg while lifting your arms to shoulder height, with each arm pointing straight in the direction of each foot.

You’ll feel this stretch in your hips and shoulders.

Vixen (Lion Pose)

Kneel down for a silly breath exercise – knees shoulder width apart and sit back on your ankles (do not cross them as adults would). Place your hands in a “claw” shape on your knees and take a deep breath. As you exhale, stick out your tongue and make silly or scary “lion” faces. You’ll feel a stretch in your neck and maybe your cheeks!

(Full simhasana would also have you look upwards “between the eyebrows” but that can be dizzying for young kids.)

Comet (Star Pose)

Stretch your arms out to the sides and space your legs slightly wider than hip width, but still within your control. Feel the stretch in your chest and shoulder blades.

Cupid (Happy Baby Pose)

Safely make your way to the ground, lie on your back and bend your knees to the side of your chest/waist (wherever they reach on your body).

Grab on to the inside of your feet or hook your fingers on your big toes (whichever is easier) and rest like this. You can also rock side to side in this position. The stretch should be felt in your inner thighs.

Donner (Downward Dog Pose)

Roll up from Happy Baby (Cupid) pose and press your hands and feet into the ground in a triangle shape. Your back, legs and arms should be straight and you’re working on pushing your heels as close to the ground as possible. (Little legs may need to bend a bit.)

Blitzen (Upward Dog)

We also thought this was a great “sleigh pose” – from Downward Dog (Donner) pose, push your head through your hands as you bring your legs to the floor. Push up on your arms to arch your back and raise your head high. You will feel a stretch in your lower back.

Rudolph (Sun Salutation)

For Rudolph, we rolled up gently and lifted our bright red noses to the sun.

Push your arms up beside your ears and stretch through your fingers. Hold as long as you’d like.

Repeat the whole sequence again, switching feet on the Dasher, Dancer and Pracer poses before proceeding to the final resting pose.

And finally, come into “Savatsana” for rest. Lie down and imagine each part of your body relaxing, one by one.


Pin this Rudolph Yoga for Kids Sequence for the next time you need the kids to calm down and burn off some energy:

A fun winter gross motor activity for kids - a kids yoga sequence inspired by Rudolph and all his friends!

Yoga is one of our favorite ways to slow down and connect as a family – and it feels amazing! If you haven’t tried it yet with your kids, I highly recommend it.

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