Fairy Mason Jar Craft

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Ella insisted we make a home for fairies after our return from Disneyland, so we came up with this fun Fairy Mason Jar.

This kids’ craft idea can just be a fun way to display a favourite fairy figurine, but it also doubles as a night light, adding a magical glow when the lights are out.

This Glowing Fairy Light is a fun imagination building Fairy Mason Jar Craft your kids will love. Use glow in the dark paint for extra level of exploration and fun - making it double as a night light!

Tinkerbell became real when we visited Disney World. Ella was ecstatic to visit with her and learn all her fairy secrets. She brought all her fairy knowledge home and used it to inspire her Fairy Mason Jar Craft – for example, did you know that fairies like to have collections? And they sure love glitter!

Even if it’s just make-believe, engaging children’s memories and knowledge of fictional characters is a great way to engage their creative minds and problem-solving skills in an exciting way!

Ella meeting Tinkerbell at Disney World

The fairy jar goes perfectly with the fairy dust play dough in a fun pretend play area. Pretend play is so important for kids. They have an opportunity to work through difficult life situations in pretend play and to explore their own likes and dislikes through play.

I like to switch out themes for our pretend play area. Having a fairy area was well received by the kids and I look forward to adding more great fairy crafts to help expand their imagination! (Plus, who doesn’t love all of the things that go along with fairies – flowers, glitter, flying?)

Materials to Make Fairy Mason Jar Craft

Grab the craft box and make your own pretend fairy world with glow in the dark paint! This is a great craft if you are headed to Disney or have a child that loves Tinkerbell

How to Make Fairy Mason Jar Craft

Start with a clean jar. Then use a couple small paint brushes to brush the inside bottom of the jar with white glow paint. Sprinkle on your glitter and allow to dry.

Then dot the inside with other glow colors of your choice. We chose light colors as if it was the night sky. Get the kids involved and have them tell you where to add the dots or ask them to use their own paintbrushes to enjoy adding in all the stars in the fairy sky!

While the jar paint is drying, ask your child to decorate the lid of the fairy mason jar craft. Add rhinestone stickers around the ring and on the top. You can dot the top with glow paint too.

Once everything has dried, add the fairy to the jar! You may want to add a dab of hot glue to glue her to the bottom making something like a fairy snow globe. Or just allow her to fly around! Whatever works best for you and your child.

Glow Fairy Light is a fun imagination building Mason jar craft you kids will love. Use glow in the dark paint for extra level of exploration and fun!

This Fairy Mason Jar Craft is fun to make with your kids and for your kids to explore with their imagination.

Check out the Yoko Small World for another fun kid’s pretend place space. 

Fairy Dust Play Dough is the perfect addition to your new fairy world. 

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