DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs

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Kids love painting Easter eggs — last year, we dyed or painted a full dozen, and they still wanted more! I wanted to figure out a way to provide some Easter eggs that the kids could repaint over and over again, an open-ended and simple Easter kids’ craft idea, and came up with this idea for DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs.

A super simple tutorial for DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs, an unexpected decor piece that kids can decorate over and over again

DIY Easter Egg Craft

These chalkboard Easter eggs have been a conversation piece in our home all season!

Black Easter eggs are an unexpected decor piece and a gorgeous way to involve children in decorating. The kids love showing the chalkboard Easter eggs off to any visitors – and they can redecorate them as many times as they like! (Much easier than setting up egg decorating activities from scratch each time the kids get the urge to craft!)

Obviously, these aren’t real eggs. I decided to go with some acrylic ones that I found at the craft store so that they would be a bit sturdier for the kids to handle on their own and could stand up to being decorated over and over again.

I think this craft would definitely work with real egg shells, but you’d want to use chalk paint to decorate them rather than chalk, since you have to push a bit hard with chalk to get a real design (and would end up cracking the eggs). Egg shells wouldn’t be a great option for younger kids to decorate, but could be great for older kids or a grown-up only craft.

Since we originally made this craft back in 2015, craft stores have started selling chalkboard easter eggs – so you can skip the DIY if you’d like and purchase them here.

My daycare kids loved the idea of drawing on the eggs with chalk, and some of them really enjoyed the freedom to wipe the eggs clean and start their designs again. Some used egg cups to hold the eggs while they drew, and some tested their agility by holding their egg with one hand and drawing with the other. I definitely recommend using the egg cups to avoid frustration, but you can also use cut up cardboard egg cartons as a make-shift egg holder.

I left the DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs and basket of chalk on display and available to the children so that they can “paint” Easter eggs whenever they want. Truly, an open ended craft with no designated “end” point.

I love how simple these were to make and how cool they look on display — who expects to see chalkboard Easter Eggs on the mantle?!

You can also write special Easter messages, and if you’re Christian you can use it as a bible verse prompt – putting a citation on an egg each day or even putting them on the bottom for the kids to pick at random.

You could even use these chalkboard Easter eggs to make an Easter Egg Wreath or an Easter Egg Garland.

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How to make diy chalkboard easter eggs - a gorgeous and unexpected Easter decor idea

How to Make DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs

Materials Needed for DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs:

  • Chalkboard Paint (I used Krylon Chalkboard Paint spraypaint as I already had some from refinishing our work room chalkboards – a small bottle of acyrlic chalkboard paint would probably work just as well)
  • Acrylic or ceramic eggs
  • Egg cups or an upside down egg carton
  • Plastic wrap
  • Coloured chalk

DIY chalkboard easter eggs - a kids' craft idea that can be returned to again and again

I simply covered my egg cups in plastic wrap, spray painted the top half of each egg, and set them (painted sides up) in the egg cups to dry, and then flipped them and sprayed the bottom.

A cardboard egg carton would have been a much easier option (and less risk of accidentally spray painting your egg cups).

My eggs dried in less than 10 hours, but I left them overnight just to be safe — and then invited the kids to decorate!

(Follow the directions on your chalkboard paint to ensure best results – some require two coats, some require rubbing chalk all over the finished product then wiping off, etc)


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How gorgeous are these DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs? 10 minutes to make and the kids can decorate them over and over again

Grab your free printable directions for this DIY Chalkboard Easter Egg craft here:

Yield: 6 Chalkboard Easter Eggs

DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs

A simple Easter DIY for Chalkboard Easter Eggs that kids can decorate over and over again.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Acrylic or ceramic eggs
  • Egg cupsΒ or an upside down egg carton
  • Plastic wrap
  • Coloured chalk


  • Paintbrush


  1. Using plastic-wrapped egg cups or an overturned egg carton, place all eggs standing up.
  2. Cover the top half of the eggs with chalkboard paint and allow to dry.
  3. Flip the dried eggs over and paint the undersides until the eggs are completely coated.
  4. Dry overnight.
  5. Follow the directions on your chalkboard paint to ensure best results - some require two coats, some require rubbing chalk all over the finished product then wiping off, etc.
  6. Decorate with colored chalk.
  7. Wipe off and re-decorate, as desired.

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An easy Easter DIY Decor - Chalkboard Easter Eggs are an unusual way to decorate Easter eggs

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DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs - a stunning & simple Easter craft for kids. Adult prepares the chalkboard Easter Egg, & the kids decorate over & over again! DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs - a stunning & simple Easter craft for kids. Adult prepares the chalkboard Easter Egg, & the kids decorate over & over again!

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