20+ Mermaid Gifts for Girls

A fun collection of mermaid gift ideas – this time for the kids! These Mermaid Gifts for Girls are a fix of pretty and functional gift ideas so you are sure to find something exquisite for the little mermaid-in-training on your gift list.

20+ Gift Ideas for the Little Mermaid on your list, these Mermaid gift ideas are functional and cute, for gifts that will let them live out their wildest mermaid fantasies

Mermaid Gifts Ideas for Kids

Whether you’re planning or attending the perfect mermaid birthday party and want a gift that will suite the occasion, or just want something special to surprise the Little Mermaid in your life, our Mermaid gift guide today has you covered!

Whether you want to give them something that they will use everyday that just has a small mermaid flourish or something fun for when they can get in the water and live out their mermaid dreams, there are several ideas here so that you can make their mermaid dreams come true.

A simple Crocheted Mermaid Tail Blanket (1) or Let’s Be Mermaids Throw Pillow (9) is a cozy way for them to curl up with their favorite fairy – or mermaid- tales (or should I say “tails”) – and they can keep their spot with a gorgeous Mermaid Tail Bookmark (5).

If your mermaid prefers to create their own stories, they will love a Leather-Bound Mermaid-Embossed Journal (11) or possibly a Mermaids Coloring Book (18) along with a set of Secretly a Mermaid Pencils (3).

We all know that mermaids love their treasures, so why not indulge with a Sterling Silver Pearl and Mermaid Pendant (2), an Adecco Shell Locket Necklace (6) or a Magical Mermaid Wish Charm (8).

To wear some mermaid flair in their everyday wear, why not some Mermaid Tail Knee Socks (4), a Mermaid Scrunchie (16) or a Mermaid Hair Bow (19).

They can also show their mermaid pride in their school supplies with a Neoprene Mermaid Lunch Bag (13) or a Personalized Mermaid Water Bottle (10).

For some mermaid pretend play, grab Mermaid Island Board Game (15, one of our favorite cooperative play games), Mermaid Birthday Cake Slime (11), an Ariel Magnetic Dress-up Wooden Doll (17) or a cute Crochet Mermaid Doll (20).

Transform their bedrooms into mermaid grottos with a Color-changing Mermaid Desk Light or Nightlight (14).

Or finally, let them transform into mermaids while swimming with a set of Finnis Mermaid Tails (7) or Mermaid Goggles (12).


Pin this Mermaid Gift Guide for an easy shopping guide the next time you are buying for your little mermaid:

Everything you need for the mermaid on your gift list, these mermaid gift ideas for kids are unique, functional and gorgeous - because we all know, mermaids want gifts they can treasure

I hope you found the perfect gift for your little mermaid in our mermaid gift guide.

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