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I’m making it a goal this upcoming year to really take care of myself as a mom and indulge myself a little bit in ways that help me feel more confident.

One of the ways I’m hoping to do that is by re-charging my wardrobe and actually putting some intention into my clothing purchases, rather than just cruising the sale racks and hoping I can make a few decent outfits from my random purchases.

I was going to keep my shopping all to myself, but I knew that if I was struggling with this that it is likely someone else is too, so I thought I’d share my Mix & Match Holiday Fashions and how I’m planning to get the most bang for my buck with several cute ways to wear a few staple pieces.

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Holiday fashion help as arrived with this helpful post on Mix & Match Fashion on Study At Home Mama. Busy moms will find where to shop this holiday season and the best way to save time and money will look and feeling wonderful!


Let’s face it, moms are busy. Even if you have a spouse around to help, there is so much to do with work and life that clothes don’t usually cross our mind as something to worry about. Well, today that changes! And I know you will feel so much better when you have something fashionable to choose from in your closet.

What to Buy and Where for Holiday Fashion

What to buy is the hardest thing for me. Everyone has different body types, as we all know, but the mannequins in the stores all seem to wear a size zero! That’s not helpful. Here’s a tip, you don’t have to wear what you think looks good on someone else. Find what you are comfortable in.

Here are some suggestions to get you stared for your new mix and match wardrobe for the holiday season.

  1. Maison Jules Flutter Sleeve Dress — $53.99
  2. Charter Club Corduroy Pull On Pants — $19.99
  3. Michael Kors Leather Trim Pants — $44.99
  4. Lucky Brand Sofia Skinny Jeans — $57.99
  5. Joe’s Slouched Distressed Boyfriend Jeans — $124.99
  6. One Clothing V-Neck T-Shirt — $16.99
  7. INC International Long Sleeve Blouse — $39.99
  8. Lucky Brand Crochet Detail Top — $39.99
  9. Rachel Roy Long Sleeve Lace Shirt — $62.99
  10. Bar III Metallic Peplum Top — $39.99
  11. Kasper Cuff Sleeve Blazer — $39.99
  12. Karen Scott Open Front Cardigan — $15.99
  13. Madden Girl Metallic Flats — $34.99
  14. Seven Dials Slouch Boots — $19.99
  15. Cejon Johnny Applebead Wrap — $35.99
  16. Cejon Ombre Scarf — $14.99

Now that you have those items hanging in front of you, we can get to work mixing and matching and you are set for awesome, fashionable clothes all the way through the new year!

How to Wear It for the Holidays

Mix and match your wardrobe to get the most out of your money and time.

I really love the Johnny Applebead Wrap with the Distressed Boyfriend Jeans. So comfortable and a great mix and match set to wear while doing holiday shopping.
I love using the same clothes to make several awesome outfits for the holidays.

Thankfully I do get a couple nights of the month where I get to meet friends for coffee. This month I’ll have Leather Trim Pants and a warm Cuffed-Sleeved jacket. This is by far my favorite, go-to outfit for the season!

Using the same clothes, you can make several types of outfits. That will save shopping time and your wallet!

Of course a little red dress goes with every occasion over the holidays! I’m in love with this Fluter Sleeve Dress. So easy to match anything in your new holiday wardrobe so don’t be afraid to add legging or heels.

Mixing & Matching

Why mix and match? Why not just buy what you want and have one great outfit? Mixing and matching will save you money and time. More than likely, the people you see on a daily basis won’t remember the wonderful Flutter Sleeve Dress you wear if you wearing it with a different jacket or scarf throughout your holiday get togethers. So save some money and mix and match!

Don’t forget that some of the sales listed in this post will sell out, but you can easily find replacement pieces once you know what you are looking for. That specific piece might not be available, but you can still recreate these looks!

And HAVE FUN! This is about you feeling confident and enjoying the way you look.

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