Top Twelve Things to Eat at Disneyland

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After sharing my mammoth list of the Best Things to Eat at Disneyland, I thought I should also provide a shorter, more-to-the-point post that simply guides you to the 12 Best Things to Eat at Disneyland.

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Drinks plus a printable checklist - everything you need to eat at Disneyland including Mickey Beignets and Garlic Parmesan Fries

12 Best Disneyland Snacks

During our short visit to the parks, my friend Stacey and I made it our mission to eat as much as humanly possible so that we could report back our findings.

My family goes to DisneyWorld multiple times a year and I am always blown away at the quality of the food culture there, so my expectations were high for Disneyland. Though it has a lot less restaurants and fewer parks, Disneyland really holds its own and there were several items that made memorable impressions on these two foodies!

I will also make a caveat: Pixar Pier was closed during our visit so we weren’t able to try any of the restaurants there, and many of the restaurants at California Adventures are table service (sit down) restaurants so while we tried a few, I wanted to keep this list to mostly quick snacks. The only non-quick service inclusion is the first item on our list!

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Pomme Frittes (Garlic Parmesan French Fries)

Where you can find them: Cafe Orleans

While I tried to keep this list focused on solely grab-and-go foods, the Pomme Frittes (Garlic Parmesan French Fries) from Cafe Orleans are a must-eat and any Disneyland Food Post that doesn’t mention them is doing you a grave injustice.

We even went back for a second serving of these because they were so delicious. Buttery, garlicy, salty and cheesy and served with a creamy, spicy cajun remoulade, be sure to pair these fries with the next item on our list.

Mint Julep

Where you can find them: Cafe Orleans, Mint Julep Bar

A non-alcoholic mint lemonade, Stacey and I took full advantage of Cafe Orleans’ free refill policy. These were so refreshing and tasty, I didn’t even mind that I had been looking forward to a cocktail and Disney went ahead and pulled a switcheroo on me.

Chocolate-Caramel Apple

Where you can find them: Pooh’s Corner, Main Street Bakery

These decadent candy apples are a bit pricey, but sooo worth it. You can easily split it amongst a family of 4 or 5 because just a slice or two is so satisfying. A thick layer of caramel sits between the pretty milk chocolate exterior and the tart granny smith apple interior. This chocolate-covered apple has the perfect balance of tart and sweet.


Where you can find them: Mint Julep Bar, Cafe Orleans

Now, there are people who LOVE Disney Beignets and people who find them inauthentic. I’ve had plenty of Disney beignets – either from Port Orleans at WDW or Mint Julep Bar at Disneyland – and I find that they are always tasty, though sometimes more yeast-y and sometimes softer or crunchier. These babies don’t keep well so eat them fresh!

Disneyland is currently the only place where you can get Mickey-shaped beignets PLUS they always have a seasonal flavor on offer. 

Get my authentic beignets recipe here.

Lobster Roll

Where you can find them: Lobster Galley

Oh my goblin, this Lobster Roll was such a treat! Lobster Rolls are hard to come by where I live so I always order them when they are on the menu, and Disney’s Lobster Roll did not disappoint! Everything from the buttered roll to the generous portions and the perfect seasoning was absolutely satisfying.

We also had the Lobster Nachos which were fun and surprisingly delicious, but the Lobster Roll is definitely the superior of the two.

Check out my lobster roll sliders recipe here.

Dole Whip/Dole Whip Float

Where you can find them: Cafe Orleans, Tiki Juice Bar

I mean, if you go to Disneyland and don’t have a Dole Whip, were you ever really on vacation?

While the original Dole Whip tends to be the staple that everyone goes for, I prefer the Dole Whip Float which is the classic Dole Whip added to a refreshing cup of pineapple juice. My favorite thing is ordering one of these and then enjoying it in the Enchanted Tiki Room. It’s especially wonderful on a hot day as you get some air conditioning and a cool treat in one! 

Check out my recipe for Dole Whip Slushies here.

Raspberry Rose Macaron

Where you can find them: Jolly Holiday Bakery

I normally find rose water or rose-flavored treats gross – even the smell is repugnant to me, but this dessert was so pretty and came highly recommended so I had to give it a try… and I am glad that I did!

This Raspberry Rose Macaron is unlike any dessert I’ve ever had before. It was bright and clean tasting with tartness from the raspberries and just that perfect amount of sweet. Even though this dessert is mammoth and can be shared, I had a hard time saving half for Stacey to try. It was just too good!

Update: apparently this is Disney’s take on a French classic – Isaphan! On our recent trip to Paris, I had to have eaten like 10 different versions of this amazing dessert. 

Also, I’ve since learned from a baker friend that good rose extract makes all the difference in rose-flavored desserts. This is the brand she recommended.

Frosted Sugar Cookies

Where you can find them: Jolly Holiday Bakery, Pooh’s Corner, Main Street Bakery

Disney has turned me into a bit of a sugar cookie snob. If you’ve ever thought that all sugar cookies are tasteless, this is the cookie to redeem them all! The cookies are available all over the parks in an assortment of cute designs and are all candy- or chocolate-coated for an unexpectedly wonderful treat. (Plus they travel well if you want to bring some home.)

Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry

Where you can find them: Edelweiss Snack Cart

I had a few disappointing snacks in a row, and normally wouldn’t order something like this Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry slushie at Disney, but I wanted something cool and a cast member guaranteed me that it would be delicious – and she was right! Apparently you can buy these at some McDonald’s – which might end up being a problem for me!

Apple-Cheddar Hand Pie

Where you can find them: Flo’s V8 Cafe

I tried both hand pies on offer and the Apple-Cheddar was definitely my favorite. I always melt cheddar cheese on my apple pie so this was perfection to me. It was probably the best thing I purchased from Flo’s Cafe and we ate there twice.

Red’s Apple Freeze

Where you can find them: Flo’s V8 Cafe

Next time we go to Disneyland, I’m just going to set myself up at a table at the Cozy Cones Motel and sample everything each of the cones has on offer! There are 5 Cozy Cones, each with their own menu.

Cone #1 has churros (including seasonal flavors) and Ramone’s “Pear of Dice” Soda.

Cone #2 has soft serve ice cream and “Route” Beer Float in a Souvenir Glass.

Cone #3 has bread cones filled with a variety of savory fillings – Chili Cone Queso, Luigi’s Chicken Pesto Cone and Bacon Mac n’Cheese – and the Pomegranate Limeade (alcoholic and non) shown below.

Cone #4 has pretzels, twists and this frozen apple juice concoction (along with frozen lemonade).

Cone #5 has flavored popcorns and Doc’s Wild Grape Tonic.

Vodka and Pomegranate Limeade

Where you can find them: Cozy Cone Motel

This was my favorite cocktail of the trip! Pixar Pier was closed though so I can’t wait to check out their drinks when they are back up and running!


He Could Have Been a Contend-ah

The following items were good but the above 12 items were better. This is a short list of other highly recommended Disneyland treats:


  • Carnation Cafe: Apple-Granola Pancakes
  • Mint Julep Bar: Seasonal Beignets
  • Cafe Orleans: Bread Pudding, Monte Cristo Sandwich
  • Pooh’s Corner: Tigger Tail
  • Harbor Galley: Lobster Galley Chips
  • Jolly Holiday Bakery: Matterhorn Coconut Macaroon
  • Edelweiss Snack Cart: Chili-Lime Corn on the Cob, Minute Maid Frozen Apple Juice
  • The Plaza Inn: Fried Chicken Meal
  • Bengal Cafe: Pork Belly Skewer
  • Red Rose Taverne: Grey Stuff Gateau

California Adventure Must-Eat Items:

  • Flo’s V8 Cafe: Brioche French Toast, Cars Waffles
  • Cozy Cones Motel: Bacon Mac and Cheese Served in a Bread Cone
  • Award Wieners: Banana Corn Dog
  • Sonoma Terrace: Bavarian Pretzel
  • Churro Carts
  • Clarabelle’s: Hand-dipped Ice Cream Bar


Grab our free printable for our Disneyland Must Eat Items.

BTW, if you want to laminate this (to prevent water damage or re-use it) this is the laminator I use, and I just buy the super cheap packages of laminate sheets from Amazon. It costs about 13 cents a sheet to laminate which lets us get so much use out of anything we print out, and prevents travel papers from getting damaged.

Everything you need to eat when you visit Disneyland


Pin this Collection of the 12 Best Disneyland Snacks for your next trip:

The 12 BEST Disneyland Snacks plus a printable checklist for all of the best Disneyland food for foodie families

If you are just planning your Disneyland trip, this list is a must-print! You will not regret any of the snacks on this list!

For more Disneyland tips, check out our Ultimate Disneyland Packing Guide or our original Best Eats at Disneyland.

Plan the ultimate Disneyland vacation, right down to the food! Here's what to eat (and what to skip) at Disneyland - including a free printable checklist  The Best Disneyland Snacks and Drinks plus a printable checklist - everything you need to eat at Disneyland including Mickey Beignets and Garlic Parmesan Fries   The 12 BEST Disneyland Snacks plus a printable checklist for all of the best Disneyland food for foodie families  Plan the ultimate Disneyland vacation, right down to the food! Here's what to eat (and what to skip) at Disneyland - including a free printable checklist

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  1. I love the Raspberry Rose Macarons! They are so sweet you can really split it with someone. You really cant go wrong with anything on this list. Disney does such an amazing job at creating the best snackks!

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