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I am loving putting together special themed lunches for Ella now that she is in a part-time kindergarten program. It’s a special way to let her know that I love her in the middle of her day, and she likes picking out her weekly theme as a way to still exercise some control over her day.

Last week, she asked for an Owl Lunch Box, and this is what I came up with.

Owl Lunch Box Idea - easy fall-themed lunch box idea for kids. A healthy lunch box idea that is cute, too!

Now you may notice that Ella’s lunch is not a “litterless” lunch – I allow her to pick out as many things at the grocery store as she is years old (so 4 grocery items because she’s 4) and while I sometimes make alternative suggestions for things that she picks out, I never veto anything.

Right now, she’s very interested in snack-sized treats, and since it is helping make her transition to school a bit more exciting, I’m allowing it. Not to mention, it’s easier for little hands to open some of these containers that re-usable ones (even if you do practice opening and closing lids).

Who ever said cute lunches can't be healthy? This fun owl lunch box idea is super cute, and hits all of the nutrients you want in your child's lunch box

Her healthy owl lunch box consists of:

  • a chicken and cheese sandwich on pumpernickel bread
    • I used a straw and a larger circle (cannoli tube) to cut out eyes from a scrap of deli chicken
    • I used a heart cookie cutter to shape the owl’s body
    • I then used the heart cookie cutter to cut out the wings of the owl
    • Finally, I cut a square of cheese for the owl’s beak
    • The owl’s eyes, beak, and wings are attached with a dab of mustard, but you could easily use butter instead
  • a “nest” of Veggie Straws
  • owl cheese crackers
  • Lil’ Dippers cookie sticks
  • Blueberry Applesauce
  • Sliced Nectarines
  • Yogurt Drink (we often wash out the containers and refill them with Kefir)

Skip Hop Zoo Owl Lunch Box and Bento Box - the perfect way to tote your owl lunch box idea

Of course, an owl lunch box idea is perfectly at home in an owl bento box, nestled in an owl lunch bag. (Both from Skip Hop Zoo.)

Owl Lunch Box Idea - easy fall-themed lunch box idea for kids

I’ll soon be putting together a central page for all of our fun lunch box ideas, but for now, be sure to check out my Lunch Box Ideas Pinboard and pin this for later!

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