Ocean Valentine Activity Pack

Today we’re sharing some cute Ocean-themed Valentine’s Activities that you can print out for a Valentine’s Day party or a screen-free car activity for the kids!

Free Ocean Themed Activity Pack for Valentine's Day (but real Ocean fans will love it any time of year). Includes Valentine's Day Word Search, Valentine's Day maze and Ocean Themed Matching Cards

Ocean Valentine Activities

My daughter, Ella, goes to school on the other side of our city and has multiple extra-curricular activities a week.

That adds up to a lot of car time for both of us, and while she’s really good for keeping herself entertained (without a screen), I sometimes like to surprise her with a car activity like these printable Valentine’s Day activities.

She loves all things mermaid- or ocean-themed, so these were a total hit!

These activity sheets would be a great alternative to goody bags for a Valentine’s Day party, or a fun way for kids to pass the time during appointments or other 

You can also laminate them to get multiple uses out of them. (Just because they are pretty and love-themed doesn’t mean they have to be discarded after Valentine’s Day!)

This is the laminator I use, and I just buy the super cheap packages of laminate sheets from Amazon. It costs about 13 cents a sheet to laminate which lets us get so much use out of any activity we print out.

Valentine’s Word Search

Give your child a highlighter, marker or pencil and let them search for the words.

Some of the words are spelled backwards or diagonally on this word search, so my trick is to scan each line for the starting letter and then search the surrounding boxes for the next letter in the word (and so on).

Once they find a word, have them highlight or circle the word on the search and then cross it off on the word list.

Valentine’s Matching Game

Print this sheet and cut out the individual squares.

(This is a good printable to laminate or print on cardstock to ensure it’s less flimsy. You can also glue the squares onto slightly larger squares of construction paper to make it more sturdy.)

Lay all of the squares face-down (cardstock or a colored paper backing will prevent these from being see-through).

Have your child pick two cards at random and flip them over. If they are a match, they can keep their matching cards; if not, they need to flip them back over.

If playing with two players, alternate turns after each person does a two-card flip.

Continue playing until all matches are found. The person with the most matching sets is the winner.

Valentine’s Maze Search

This is a super simple maze with no dead ends – great for first-timers and avoiding frustration.

Have children start at the opening on the bottom of the maze (just above the crab) and work their way through the maze to reach the heart at the center.


How to Use These Ocean Valentines Activities:

This is a quick print-and-go document. 


  1. download our Ocean Valentine’s Activity pack
  2. print on regular printer paper
  3. cut out the matching cards activity (this is a great one to laminate and save)

You can keep these in an envelope or file folder. We have a zippered fabric pouch we keep in the car, along with some markers and a clipboard to make car activities easier.


If you’re not ready to print this Valentine’s Activity Pack right now, you can Pin it for later!

Free Ocean Themed Activity Pack for Valentine's Day (but real Ocean fans will love it any time of year). Includes Valentine's Day Word Search, Valentine's Day maze and Ocean Themed Matching Cards

I hope your kids love these printable Valentine’s activities as much as mine did!

For more fun Valentine’s Activities for Kids, check out our Heartbreakers Sensory Activity or our Fizzy Valentine’s Science Experiment.

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