Frozen Clean Mud (with Video)

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The last in our Frozen inspired learning activities (before our big Frozen-inspired unit study unveil) was this fun clean mud.

Clean mud has the squishy, enjoyable texture of regular old mud, but is made from soap, tissue paper, and water – so it has the exact opposite effect of playing in mud!

frozen activity: clean mud made with soap and tissue paper - great frozen-inspired sensory play

To make Frozen clean mud, you need a few ingredients:

  • Half a bar of soap
  • Up to one roll of toilet paper (I usually end up using just over half)
  • 1 cup of water
  • Scent or dye to customize your mud – we used blue dye and peppermint extract

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If the child has been taught how to use a grater previously, I have the child grate up the soap as a great hand strengthening exercise.

I did a FB live to show how to make clean mud so I’m sharing it here now – it’s not as polished as my typical videos, but it will show you step by step how to create this awesome sensory play material for your kids!

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And then, to work those fine motor muscles, I have them rip up the toilet paper into little tiny pieces. This is a great control of error job as well, because large pieces will stick out in the final clean mud product.

I try to encourage children to rip them up really small, but if they don’t or are too interested in working quickly rather than correctly, I point out the cause for the chunks of toilet paper in the final product. (You could alternatively go over the toilet paper after they are done ripping and fix the bigger pieces, but I think teaching children to work carefully and with intent is important.)

Untitled design (8)

Have the child slowly add in the water mixed with whatever scent or colour you are adding to the clean mud — and squish it up!

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You may need to add more soap, toilet paper, or water depending on the absorbency of your toilet paper. There is no “right” consistency for clean mud, just make sure it is wonderfully squishy and the kids enjoy it!

clean mud

This Frozen-inspired clean mud stayed squishable and moist for a few days, in a sealed container. It likely would have lasted longer, but I can be a bit of a germ-phobe, so feel free to use your own judgment as to when to throw yours out!

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  1. I love when I am searching for this while planning out daycare themes and I come across your work! It is awesome! Anyways, we are going to make this during our Frozen themed week coming up. I have 3-2 year olds and 1- 3 year old who will all love ripping up toilet paper 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful idea!

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