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Ella and I have fallen off of our daily yoga practice – some weeks we’re lucky if we manage to get a single session in!

We both really miss it, so I thought we’d give things a fresh start with some Fall Yoga for Kids.

Fall Yoga for Kids - safe yoga poses for kids inspired by the season. A rewarding fall themed gross motor activity for inside or outside.

For all of these yoga moves for kids, ensure that you keep your legs straight but not locked.

We always like to start off our yoga sequences in either mountain pose or sun salutation. For this series, we did mountain pose.

Stand strong with your arms loosely at your sides, your shoulders square to your hips, head up, and breathe deep.

How to do tree pose for kids safely, as part of a fun Fall Yoga Sequence for Kids

Tree Pose

We moved from Mountain Pose right into Tree Pose.

For tree pose, pressing your hands together in a prayer formation at the center of your chest gives you some extra balance – go ahead, try with your hands this way and at your side. Which version is easier?

Be sure not to place your foot on your joints – knee or ankle. Either place it on your thigh or calf.

How to do Star Pose for Kids - a great easy yoga pose for kids, as part of a Fall Yoga Sequence

Star Pose (“Leaf Pose”)

For this pose, we pretended to be leafs hanging onto our trees, ready to change colour and fall.

Stretch your hands out to the side and lift your foot directly out to the side. Pretend you can feel yourself changing colour.

How to do Dancer Pose for kids, easy kids yoga for fall

Dancer Pose (“Falling Leaf”)

This pose looks like a leaf falling from a tree.

Keep your shoulders square with your hips, lean forward and stretch your arms to keep your balance.

Lift your leg straight up behind you. You can bend your knee for a better lift and stretch, if you’d like.

Modified triangle or side plank pose for kids, part of a fall themed yoga for kids sequence

Modified Triangle Pose/Modified Side Plank (“Falling Leaf II”)

Place your arms in front of you, and go straight down from dancer pose into plank. We did a modified plank, touching our knees and hands the ground and keeping our back straight.

Lean to one side, lift your top leg straight up and reach your arm up. You can either keep your bottom leg bent and touching the ground, or straight with just the foot touching the ground.

Legs up the wall is a great stretching activity for kids

Legs Up the Wall

This is a great stretching pose, especially if you are new to yoga. You can pretend to be a leaf in mid-tumble while getting a great, safe stretch.

Place your bum against a wall and stretch your legs straight up the wall (or fence).

Savasana, resting pose, is the perfect way to end a kids' yoga sequence



Lie still, with your arms at your side, breathe deep and rest.

Fall Yoga for Kids, safe yoga poses for kids inspired by the season. A rewarding fall-themed gross motor activity for kids, can be done inside or outside.

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