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I love making homemade toys and gifts for my daughter and her friends, so when Ella and two of her friends started taking pre-ballet classes, I naturally had to make some no-sew tutus!

No-Sew Tutu, an easy homemade tutu for your little ballerina. Make this easy DIY costume in less than 10 minutes.

I had to make three tutus, and I wanted to involve the girls in the process as much as possible. Since these tutus are really forgiving, I had the girls practice their knot-tying with the layers of tulle, and I just went over the finished tutus with a pair of scissors to remove any extremely long ends.

Materials to make your own homemade no-sew tutu for your little ballerina

Materials to Make Your Own Tutu:

  • Tulle, 2-3 colours and a total of at least 30-40 feet
  • Elastic headband
  • Scissors
  • Large square of cardboard or DVD case

Ensure that the elastic headband will fit comfortably around your child’s waist or hips. I purchased adult headbands and they were perfect – leaving no lines on the girls after 10 minutes of wear, but also not slipping down.

I went with these elastic-style headbands rather than the wide fabric headbands because I thought these would have less of a chance of slipping and folding over.

How to make a no-sew tutu

A DVD case is the perfect size for your layers of tulle. Wrap the tulle around the DVD case several times and make a single cut to create several uniform-sized pieces for your homemade tutu.

For tying the knots, I created double layers of tulle by laying one piece directly over another and double-knot tied it around the headband.

After showing the girls a few times how to wrap the tulle evenly around the headband and tie a double-knot, I allowed them to do it. I had to add in extra layers when they were done just to fill out the tutu a bit more, but I think they did an awesome job!

No-Sew Tutu, an easy homemade tutu for your little ballerina. Make this easy DIY costume in less than 10 minutes.

I love how the contrasting colours create some depth, and the double folds of tulle make it look like a professional tutu — no one at their dance classes could tell which of our girls was wearing a homemade tutu versus a store-bought tutu.

The only way you can tell that this is a homemade, no-sew tutu is if you look inside at the headband — from the outside, it looks perfect!

Have your little ballerina help make her own no-sew tutu! An easy homemade tutu-tutorial

Would your little ballerina love her very own no-sew tutu? Be sure to pin this for later and check out my collection of 18 Ballet Books for Children.

Homemade no-sew tutu, a sweet homemade costume for your little ballerina. Kids can also help make their own tutus and practice their knot-tying skills


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