CVC Worksheets: C CVC Words

Alecia from No Stress Homeschooling has generously prepared another set of free CVC worksheets for us — this time focusing on C CVC words.


These CVC worksheets are not a traditional Montessori material, but they use Montessori concepts to teach children how to read CVC words using three-part cards and a set of fill-in-the-blank cards.

The three part cards consists of two sets of cards, or 3 parts. The first set show the image and CVC word on one card (part) and then provide a second set of matching cards with the image and CVC word on separate parts.

Check out this video on how to present Montessori 3 part cards.

The fill-in-the-black cards are missing the vowel. This is a great way to ensure that your child is recognizing the different vowel sounds, and encourage them to practice this knowledge.

I recommend laminating your cards to get the most use out of them and make the experience of using them more satisfying for children. I use this laminator and purchase my laminating sheets in bulk to save money.

The C CVC words that these free CVC worksheets cover are:

  • cab
  • can
  • car
  • cat
  • cod
  • cog
  • cot
  • cup

A complete C CVC Word List would also include:

  • cap
  • caw
  • cob
  • con
  • cop
  • cow
  • coy
  • cox
  • cub
  • cut
  • (There is also a type of cabbage referred to sometimes as “cos”)

Note: caw, cow and coy contain digraphs (two-letter sound blends). If your child hasn’t yet learned digraphs, you can omit these words from the printables that you present to your child and then add them in after they have mastered the other CVC words. Montessori does not follow a linear progression of learning – some children have already learned or been exposed to digraphs by the time they start learning CVC words, so I like to allow flexibility.

As with our M CVC Worksheets and B CVC Worksheets, this set of c cvc worksheets make use of clip art (cartoonish images) rather than real pictures so that we could keep them free. If you have any suggestions for improving these cvc worksheets please let me know. We will be sharing free worksheets for all of the CVC word families.

Click here to download the free C CVC Worksheets.

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