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This fun Metallic Slime Recipe combines three fun slime trends for one amazing slime:

  • shiny metallic slime
  • sprinkle slime (which creates rainbow explosions in the slime)
  • and, striped slime

This metallic slime is just as easy to make as it is gorgeous! A fun shiny slime recipe for parties or as a homemade gift

How to Make Metallic Slime

We’ve been making homemade slime for years now, and while we still love making classic slimes (like our original fluffy slime), it is such a blast to experiment with new ideas and methods of making slime.

Previous to making this metallic slime, I had only used food dye to dye our DIY slime. We never had issues with it dying our clothes or hands, and I always have food dye in the house, but we wanted to come up with a metallic-looking slime that used regular white glue and no expensive add-ins.

Some of the metallic slimes we’ve seen have used several bottles of shimmer dust, or nail polish, or gold foil. (A method we’ve tried, but it can get pricey!) The thought of a slime that smelled like wet nail polish sounded gross – and the two other methods were way to expensive, so we decided to try some metallic acrylic paint that we already had on hand for some other crafts.

It worked like a charm.

I was really worried that the metallic acrylic paint would dye our hands or the table that Ella was playing with her slime on – but shockingly, it was only the sprinkles in this recipe that dyed her hands! (The irony, right?)

Of course, you can leave the sprinkles out of this recipe but we had a lot of fun adding them in and watching the create new lines of color in the slime. This is a great way to let kids use up the last bits of sprinkles left in the jar.

After kids have played with this slime a bit, the different stripes of metallic color all blend together (creating a silvery-light purple color) and the sprinkles continued to add little bursts of color.

Slime can require a bit of experimentation and patience, especially if you’re still new to it. If you run into any slime fails, check out this troubleshooting post to help fix your slime.

If you’re looking for the ultimate slime guide – you need to check out our Slime Book with over 40 amazing, unique slimes:

You can purchase The Slime Book on Amazon, Book Depository, or at your local bookstore!

(Read more about The Slime Book and what it contains here.)

Ingredients for Metallic Slime

Scroll down to the printable recipe card for full measurements.

Tip: the contact solution must contain boric acid as an active ingredient. I linked the brand I used above. Contact solution is a diuretic so please don’t let young kids handle it and ensure your child washes their hands after playing with the slime as a precaution.

Second tip: slime is not something you can reliably measure. It’s by look and feel, so go slow and adjust as necessary.

Tools You May Find Helpful

  • Large bowl
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Spatula <– I like these spatulas because they are one solid piece and don’t have removable heads for bacteria to get trapped underneath. Plus they are heat-resistant and have a lifetime warranty.
  • Vinegar, for clean-up


Sprinkles add magical erupting rainbows to this metallic slime recipe - the perfect slime recipe without food dye

How to Make Metallic Slime with Paint

Divide your glue into as many bowls as you want colors of slime. For this recipe, we used 3 cups of glue and 3 colors, but you can use less glue if you prefer (I just wanted to be sure to get some great pictures).

Add metallic acrylic paint (about 1/2 teaspoon per 1 cup of glue).

Stir the water into the glue, about 2 Tablespoons to start.

Finally, add the contact solution or liquid starch – 5 Tablespoons of contact solution per cup of glue, or 1/4 cup liquid starch.

Keep stirring everything with your spatula and adjust as needed.

Once the slime is cohesive, no longer sticky or appearing to have any liquid in the mixture, start kneading the slime – this is going to help it be less sticky (just like making homemade play dough).

Knead the slime for at least 3 minutes before adding any more ingredients to adjust.


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A pretty Metallic Slime with Sprinkles is the perfect party slime - the sprinkles create small rainbows in your slime and add a festive touch. An easy slime without borax and without food dye

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Yield: 3 cups slime

Metallic Sprinkle Slime

Metallic Sprinkle Slime

This metallic slime is just as easy to make as it is gorgeous! A fun shiny slime recipe for parties or as a homemade gift

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • 3 cups glue
  • 15+ Tablespoons contact lens solution OR 3/4 cup liquid starch (start with just a few tablespoons and increase as needed)
  • Metallic acrylic paint
  • 6+ Tablespoons water


  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Spatula

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This DIY metallic slime is so pretty and fun to play with – it would be really fun to use superhero colors or make a car-themed slime using this recipe!

For more unique slime recipes, check out our Pink Sand Slime or our Edible Honey Slime.

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