Kids’ Kitchen: Sugar-free Lemonade Recipe

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Are your children into Yo Gabba Gabba? There is a song from one of their episodes about making lemonade that just kept sneaking into my head as I was writing this post.

“It’s fun to make lemonade! It’s fun to make lemonade! It’s fun to make lemonade — and this is how you do it!”

At the very least, I appreciate that the robot shares a healthy lemonade recipe, substituting honey for sugar. We took our cues from the show and used a local raw honey that had a slight blueberry taste from the bees gathering nectar from nearby blueberry patches.

Easy healthy recipe for sugar-free lemonade, a kids' kitchen staple with a free printable recipe for kids to use

I set up a simple Montessori-style lemon squeezing practical life activity to start off with (similar to our orange juicing activity) then actually used the youtube video to introduce the idea of making lemonade.

After cutting and juicing five lemons, mix the juice into 2 cups of water and add honey to taste. We did two tablespoons, but I’m going to justify it as giving lots of honey health benefits!

(If you can’t use fresh lemons, 5 tablespoons of a good quality lemon juice will substitute.)

I made this kid-friendly recipe printable to add to your kids’ kitchen, so your little chefs can help make sugar-free lemonade whenever life (or mom) gives them lemons:

Little Chef_sugar-free Lemonade printable at Sugar, Spice and GlitterIf making homemade lemonade is not a good fit for your kids, or they want to keep making more after you make a batch, you might want to check out our pink lemonade play dough invitation — it’s a great alternative for developing hand strength and inspiring some lemonade pretend play.

We used the children’s love of lemonade to learn the “lll” letter sound with a lemonade unit study.

(We purchased our juicer, spreading knife, and cutting board from Montessori Services.)

Kids' Kitchen sugar-free lemonade recipe for developing Montessori practical life kitchen skills and kitchen independence with free recipe printable

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Pair your sugar-free lemonade with healthy chocolate trail mix melts or our kid-made strawberry tart recipe.

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  1. A healthy and refreshing drink! We must teach our children to have sugar only in moderation. Honey is one of the alternatives. The vitamins in lemons and honey are tops.

  2. That song is jammin! Pretty sure I’m gonna have to sing that every time we make lemonade. 😉 And great idea to sub sugar with honey.

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