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Toys don’t have to be expensive to be fun and interesting! They don’t even have to be store bought! Today, we are going to explore different and easy crafts for kids with an aim to make our own homemade toys! Even better, all of the playful ideas are made with paper! 

10 super simple homemade toys you can make with paper! These paper crafts are great for rainy days or afterschool crafting

Homemade Paper Toys

Some of the basic supplies needed to complete these craft projects:

Pick one of these playful fun ideas with paper and get on with crafting!

  1. Spinning stuff is always fun! Invite kids to make and decorate their own spinner toys. It’s easy and fun craft project even for beginners with provided template. We have many other free printable crafts for quick crafting sessions.
  2. Another fun toy kids can easily make by themselves is a paper helicopter. It flies and spins and it is very fun to play with! Let kids made one for each and enjoy watching them spin in the air! This craft is one of the ideas shared in our new book Easy Paper Projects.
  3. Let’s make some shooting toys! You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make easy paper straw shooters! Kids will have a hard time to stop making only one of them!
  4. One of the most popular game with kids these days is a Pokemon Go. Does your child enjoy catching them too? If your child is also a Pokemon fan, he / she will love making Pokemon Kaleidoscope toy
  5. It is super simple to make a toy! You don’t believe it can be done in under 5 minutes? You should try making origami cup and ball game! It will take less than 5 minutes for sure!

6. Take out all the greeting cards, birthday cards, party invitations, etc. Search through for characters on them and let kids make their own stick puppets. Easy toy to make from recycled materials!

7. You probably have made paper boats when you were a child? Pass a tradition to your children! Teach them how to make classic origami boats and let them throw a little competition to see whose is faster! There are many easy origami crafts you can try even with kids who never tried making origami before.

8. Next, we suggest making another classic toy you surely remember playing with during your childhood. Spinning tops! Everyone I know played with them. They are quick to make and fun to watch spinning!

9. The fastest toy we ever made are flying fish! Made from a single strip of paper, it can be created literally in seconds! Give it a go and try making few!

10. Have you read the Berenstein Bears “On the Moon” book and Eric Carle’s “Papa, please get the moon for me.”? We have a perfect craft to accompany these books! Spaceship climbing toy will be a big hit with space loving kids!

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Can you believe there were so many super easy and quick to make paper toys?! If you like this selection, you will LOVE a new book published by our friend Maggy from Red Ted Art called Easy Paper Project. Holding a collection of both everyday and seasonal crafts, ideas from this book will be a perfect opportunity to sit together with your kids and make lovely toys they will enjoy playing with for hours!

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For more fun homemade toy ideas, check out our Jingle Bell Waldorf Kite or our Kid-made Mop Doll.

Toys kids can make with paper! 10 super simple homemade toys you can make with paper! These paper crafts are great for rainy days or afterschool crafting

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