Harry Potter Back to School Ideas

My Harry Potter Gift Guide last year confirmed it: you guys love all things Potter just as much as I do, so this year I’m bringing a special Hogwarts-inspired edition of Harry Potter Back to School Ideas!

Everything you need for heading to Hogwarts - or muggle school! A great mix of DIY Harry Potter school supplies and store-bought options, too

Harry Potter School Supplies

Ella and her friends are deep into Harry Potter mode and I’m ALL FOR IT. I’ve taken them to local Harry Potter festivals, hosted Harry Potter movie nights, and of course, have been reading through the series with Ella.

It’ll be a couple years until she receives her letter, so until then, I’ll just set her up with some fun Harry Potter school supplies for her muggle school.

For this round-up, I tried to do a mix of store-bought and DIY options, because that’s my personal preference. I’m more likely to do something like DIY wand pencils with my daughter and then buy the backpack, lunch tote and other school supplies.

Some of the store-bought options are from artisans on Etsy and others are from BoxLunch, a really cool, well-curated specialty retailer that donates a meal to a person in need for every $10 in sales. They have so many cute licensed products (and non-licensed) and they are extremely well-priced, especially considering their charitable model.

To start your back to school shopping, you need to pick your wand: a wand pen is essential – Ella has two and they just add a bit of magic to whatever she is working on. I think my next purchase will be these cute wand pencil crayons.

I hope you find some great options here and let me know if you come across something really fun that I don’t have listed!

Harry Potter Back Packs

This Loungefly Harry Potter Magical Creatures Mini Backpack might not be big enough for all of their supplies, but it would be cute for a study session! I love the details on this Black version!

And of course, a cute DIY Library tote bag!

Harry Potter Lunch Boxes

Marauder’s Map lunch tote

Insulated Lunch bag

Beeswax Lunch Wraps are a great zero-waste option, as are these Re-usable Snack Bags.

Kids would love these Personalized Harry Potter lunch bags.

And while you’re packing that Harry Potter lunch box, be sure to grab some Harry Potter printable lunch notes!

Harry Potter School Supplies

This 2019-2020 Marauder’s Map Weekly planner is a MUST HAVE!

Page markers and sticky notes are a staple for me – these Chibi ones, Deathly Hallows, Potion Bottles or these Box Lunch exclusives are all fun.

These gadget decals come off clean – much better than Skater stickers!

I always carry a portable battery with me and this Portable Cell Phone Battery Charger inspired by the Marauder’s Map is super cute! (Or grab this Chibi version.)

Spell note writing requires a quill feather pen – or at least a golden touch.

Don’t lose your place with these Harry Potter Bookmarks: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff.

(OR print and color your own!)

Staying hydrated is so important for a good day and this Apothecary water bottle or this Chibi bottle is a great way to ensure they do! Or, if they are more of a smoothie drinker, this Marauder’s Map tumbler might be a better bet!

Journals and Notebooks

There is also this tutorial for DIY Harry Potter notepads or this DIY Notebook if you’d rather go the DIY route! 

Harry Potter Pencil Cases

These might be make-up bags but they would all be awesome pencil cases: Danielle Nicole “glasses” bag or this Deathly Hallows bag.

This Stained Glass-looking pencil case shows off all of the Hogwarts houses. 

I think I might have a preference for all things Marauder’s Map. (Including this inverted one.)

Or, opt for this subtle Deathly Hallows pencil case.

This DIY Pencil Holder is great for their desk at home!

And of course, you can’t go off to school without a few cute accessories!

My daughter LOVES these Golden Snitch Hair Sticks

I love that this Interchangeable Charm Necklace  is basically seven necklaces in one.

Make it to class on time with this Deathly Hallows Gold Watch Necklace.


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Whether you're a muggle, witch or wizard, you're going to LOVE these Harry Potter School Supplies, from DIY Harry Potter crafts to awesome one-of-a-kind handmade finds

I hope you love this list of fun Back to School Harry Potter ideas!

For more Harry Potter inspiration, check out our Harry Potter section which includes our DIY Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner or our DIY Niffler Necklace.

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  1. Wow! Just wow. As an adult, I still love Harry Potter and this collection makes me want to have a few more Harry Potter themed stuff. 🙂 Thanks for your collection, I’m surfing through it will enjoyment.

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