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Why should kids get all the fun? This year I’m bringing you a few fun gift ideas for adults – starting with this collection of Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers!

20 Awesome Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers - that isn't wine! Plus suggestions on great wines to pair with your giftGifts for Wine Lovers

The gifts on the below list are all under $40 so I personally would pair any of them with a nice bottle of wine for the perfect gift.

You don’t have to go expensive for a nice bottle of wine – while I love New Zealand’s Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, Matau from New Zealand is half the price and I like it just as much. I worked with Charles Smith wines earlier this year and he puts out some awesome, affordable reds with funky labels.

If you’re looking for a more elaborate gift – perhaps for a best friend or a partner, I would opt for a wine of the month club or an inexpensive wine fridge. You could even look to see if there is a local winery that gives tours or a bed and breakfast package in your closest “wine country.”

My sommelier friend swears by Riedel Wine Glasses which are pricey but supposedly really enhance the drinking experience. (I might upgrade once I break the last of my grocery store wine glasses…)

The perfect gifts for the wine lovers on your list. Everything from stoppers, to decanters, and wine storage

Best Wine Themed Gift Ideas

  1. Vinluxe Pro Wine Aerator — $18.95
  2. Home Hanging Wine Rack — $37.65
  3. Wine Life Adult Coloring Book — $7.19
  4. Bring Me Wine Socks — $12.95
  5. 9-Piece Wine Accessories Set — $39.99
  6. Vinaka Kitchen Wine Stoppers — $15.95
  7. SipCaddy Bathtub Wine Glass Holder — $13.95
  8. Secura Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener — $17.99
  9. Sassy Cups 12Oz Wine Tumbler with Lid — $19.95
  10. JoyJolt Hand Blown Wine Decanter — $24.95
  11. Kovot 9-Piece Travel Wine Bag — $26.99
  12. Vino2Go Wine Tumblers, 2 Pack — $14.40
  13. When I Sip T-Shirt — $16.99
  14. Vremi 9-Piece Electric Wine Opener Gift Set — $32.99
  15. Sun Bright Wine Bottle Stoppers — $19.99
  16. Jetty 6-Piece Wine Charms — $11.99
  17. TheopWine Barrel Shaped Bottle Rack — $33.98
  18. Not Drinking Alone If Dog Is Home Glass — $14.79
  19. Vino Please 4-Piece Wine Coaster Set — $14.99
  20. Host Wine Freeze Cups, 2 Pack — $15.19

This collection of gift ideas has everything from wine of the month club suggestions to cute wine charms, gorgeous wine storage options and even a wine-themed coloring book

I hope you found the perfect gift for the wine lover on your list in our collection of wine gift ideas!

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  1. According to me wine chillers is the perfect gift for a wine lover.
    I was thinking of Gifting the wine-related product to one of my friends and now I’m pretty sure what to gift.
    This blog helped a lot. Thanks

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