Wand Craft: Invitation to Create

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At our recent Frozen party, I set out this Elsa wand craft, but the kids were a bit too excited to really focus on making anything.

I held onto the craft, and re-introduced it later during our Cinderella unit study, this time as a Fairy Godmother wand.

Either way, the kids loved the idea and I love watching them play with their homemade wands — there is something wonderful about a child creating something that is “useful” to them, even if it’s for imaginary play.

Cinderella craft for kids : Elsa's wand or Fairy godmother's wand

I think, too, when a child puts their own handiwork into a toy, they develop a greater appreciation for the work that went into their other toys or possessions. This could be a great time to introduce your child to the concepts of handmade versus machine-made, and watch some videos or read some books about the two methods of product creation.

Invitation to create: Elsa wand craft for kids

Materials we used for our Fairy Godmother Wands:

I just set out all of the materials for the craft on our awesome plastic craft trays and let the kids decorate their wands however they wanted. They kept coming back to this craft, adding new layers and elements to their work, so as much as it may seem like a simple craft, they were really able to build upon and engage with it.

I find clear glue (and regular white school glue) can actually be a stronger adhesive for craft projects than a hot glue gun, if you have the time to allow the clear glue to dry. None of the children’s beads or ribbons have fallen off of their homemade wands, and it has been about three weeks now since they finished their wands.

Elsa's or the Fairy Godmother's wand? A fun open-ended craft for kids set up in the Montessori way


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  1. These are so cute! I love the idea about discussing machine vs handmade. Such an important thing to learn about especially in this age of overconsumption.

    1. Right? We’re also trying to toy a fine line between “mistakes happen and things get broken” to understanding that just because we can replace something doesn’t mean we should have a disposable attitude towards it.

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