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When you think about an ideal family holiday with the kids, your mind no doubt flicked straight to Florida.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top 10 kids activities in Florida, featuring theme parks, museums and some of the most amazing outdoor experiences that will be sure to feature in family stories for years to come.

The top 10 kids activities in Florida:

1. Disney World: Whenever you search for kid friendly holidays in Florida, it’s Disney World that deservedly tops every single list.  Disney World is head and shoulders above the rest of the activities.  Think rides, castles and photo opportunities.

An experience no child should miss out on before the magic of Disney starts to wear off.

2. Universal Studios: Florida’s Universal Studios is the perfect holiday companion to Disney World.  Another theme park filled with all the magic of what it takes to bring the movies your family knows and loves to life.  

Hitting two of the best theme parks in the country will no doubt create memories that will be retold countless times as the kids grow up and start to build lives of their own.

3. LEGOLAND: As parents, we all have a soft spot for LEGO.  If you’re anything like us, then you’ve found yourself getting lost building LEGO setups for the kids (yes sure… for the kids).  Well now experience an entire theme park dedicated to those amazing little blocks.

Boys, girls, older kids and younger kids, LEGOLAND is sure to be a hit with everyone.

4. NASA Kennedy Space Center: One of the homes of NASA’s space program has always been Florida and the Kennedy Space Center offers an amazing experience of seeing just how far humanity has come.

If you’re an extremely savvy planner, you might even be able to supplement the history on offer within the center, with watching a real live space launch.  The experience is honestly like no other.

5. National Naval Aviation Museum: If you’re looking for a museum experience that’s more on the affordable side, then it doesn’t get any cheaper than the world’s largest naval museum.  That’s right, the National Naval Aviation Museum is FREE!

Not only does the museum open the window back in time, but allows the kids to get behind the throttle in some of history’s most iconic planes in the flight simulator.

6. McCarthy’s Wildlife: This wildlife rescue facility may not have the brand name of some of the others, but it’s our clear pick for a family activity.  With over 200 animals including tigers, lions, leopards and even the famed Liger, it offers a wildlife experience unrivalled in Florida.

Even better, the price of admission helps with the rescue and conservation efforts.

7. Florida Everglades Airboat Adventure: The Florida Everglades is known for its system of rivers and lakes.  Take advantage of this natural network of superhighways with a family trip on an airboat.

There are a number of tourism operators offering a range of family airboat experiences for you and the kids.

8. Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory: See literally tens of thousands of butterflies in their natural habitat.  They’re not shy either, with the experience of having butterflies come and land on you, one that the kids certainly won’t forget.

A relaxing, quiet venue where your kids will smile and experience nature in some of its purest forms.

9. Gatorland: You can’t go to Florida without seeing at least one aligator.  With thousands of alligators and other scaly reptiles that will rip your hands off if you get too close, Gatorland is a fun and educational day out for the kids.

While you’re there, experience the sheer terror of ziplining over an alligator filled swamp.

10. South Beach, Miami: We wrap up our top 10 kids activities in Florida with a trip to the must experience South Beach in Miami.  Enjoy a relaxing day out at the beach, broken up with people watching at some of the amazing restaurants along the strip.

If you’re looking for an escape from the sun, the shopping in South Beach is some of the best in the world and if the kids get ice creams, they surely won’t mind you ducking into a few shops on the way back.

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