Car Yoga for Kids

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Imagine: it’s summer, you’re driving to the beach and things are taking a bit longer than usual. The kids are getting a bit cramped & whiny in the backseat. Normally, the solution is to pull over, plead, bribe them with snacks… or threaten to turn that car around! Or, you can teach the kids these car-friendly yoga poses for kids before the trip so they have the tools to stretch out, calm down, and expend a bit of energy from the safety of their car seats!

This is perfect for road trips with kids - car yoga poses for kids! Safe ways to let kids stretch and feel less antsy during summer road trips

Family travel can sometimes involve being stuck in your seat for longer than kids are used to – whether you find yourself in a plane, train, or automobile. (I will always love you, John Candy.) I’m 100% committed to keeping my daughter safe so I wanted to come up with a few car-safe yoga poses for kids can be done everything from in harness-style car seats to regular seat belts and don’t compromise safety while allowing your child to get a great stretch.

Be sure to practice these yoga poses before your next big trip so your children can give them a try whenever they feel the need.

Bonus: these poses are also good for kids to know for the classroom!

modified mountain pose

Mountain Pose

Sit straight, put your hands on your legs, and take a few deep breaths. (This is also a good way to ensure that children’s seat belts are not too tight – they need to be able to sit with straight spines while being strapped in.)

modified sun salutation

Seated Sun Salutation

*a modified pose*

Just like how you would stretch your arms straight up and look up through them towards the sun in regular sun salutation, you can easily modify this pose for sitting. Children may need to put their arms more in a “V” shape than straight-up like they would if doing this pose outside of the car.

modified crescent moon

Seated Crescent Moon

*a modified pose*

Touch your hands together above your head and stretch to one side, forming a slight crescent shape with your body. Children should not be able to move too far to the side, but they can still get a good stretch in their arms and shoulder area.

modified boat pose

Seated Boat Pose

*a modified pose*

Using your stomach muscles, pull your knees up as far as they can go, keeping your legs bent. (Your stomach should be pulled in, not pushed out, for this pose.)

modified cat pose

Seated Cat Pose

*a modified pose*

Curve your back, slumping forwards and letting your head hang down. Again, there won’t be an option to move too much, but you can still achieve a great stretch in your back.

car yoga for kids (2)

I hope these modified yoga poses help make your car trips a little less antsy and give busy little bodies something to do for a few minutes!

What are your tips and tricks for helping kids be less antsy during car rides?


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