20 Rockin’ Rock Crafts for Kids

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Ella is an insatiable crafter, so I am always in search of fun kids’ craft ideas that are budget-friendly and feasible for a 4 year old. Since we have an endless supply of rocks, I collected these rock crafts for kids ideas from around the web to share with you!

20 Rockin Rock Crafts for Kids - everything from beautiful decor idea for homemade gifts, to rock games and rocks reimagined for pretend play. An endless craft supply - rocks are the perfect free craft supply!

The nice thing about the rock crafts is that they can be done outside – just bring the craft supplies outside with you, go on a scavenger hunt for the rocks (or any other natural craft supplies you may need), and set up on a picnic table or a tarp/flattened cardboard box on the grass.

While some of these rock crafts are decorative (and great for gift-giving), some of them can then be used for games or pretend play! I love when children can get real use out of crafts that they’ve made (or eat food that they’ve made) – it allows them to feel continued pride in their work, while allowing them to think creatively to solve any flaws in their original designs.

(Rock Crafts from Above Image, Clockwise from top left:)

Pour-Painted Paper Weights With Beach Stones | Happy Hooligans

Kid-Made Cute Rock Doll Faces | Hello Wonderful

Ladybugs vs. Tadpoles Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Game | Atta Girl Says

Hand Painted Mini Cactus | Salt and Pepper Moms

Mud Kitchen Food | Munchkin and Moms

Rock Cakes for Pretend Play | The Craft Train

Camping Themed Story Stones | Playdough to Plato

Minion Stones | Mum In The Mad House

Rock Crafts for Kids on Sugar Spice and Glitter

Rock Monsters Pebble Magnet | Coastal Ways

Tic Tac Toe – Stone Bees & Ladies Birds | Red Ted Art

Thankful Rocks: A Visual Reminder to be Grateful | Mom Inspired Life

Story Stones | Happy Hooligans

Word Rocks | Dabbles & Babbles

DIY River Rock Garden Markers | West Valley Moms Blog

Rockin Rock Crafts for Kids on Sugar Spice and Glitter

DIY Music Rocks | And Next Comes L

Crystallized Beach Rocks with Borax and Watercolours | Happy Hooligans

Rock Dominoes | Child Care Land

DIY Cars Track with Rocks!! | Playtivities

Rock Magnets | Alisa Burke

Tic Tac Toe Rocks Activity of Gift | Balancing Home

20 Rockin Rock Crafts for Kids | Sugar Spice and Glitter

I’m so excited to get outside today and look for some crafting rocks with the kids. Which one of these rock crafts would your kids love?

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  1. Thanks for sharing All very good ideas for fun. Sometimes our brain is just in need of a jump start so thank you!

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